Professional Boxing, WBO = World Boxing Organization Super Flyweight Champion Kazuto Ioka succeeded in defending for the third time by defeating challenger Mexican player with a 3-0 decision in a title match held in Tokyo on the night of the 1st. Did.

The WBO super flyweight title match will be held in Ota-ku, Tokyo on the night of the 1st, with champion Kazuto Ioka, who is aiming for the third defense, to play against Francisco Rodriguez of Mexico, who is the second-ranked challenger in the world ranking. bottom.

From the beginning of the game, Rodriguez had a lot of work, and he attacked many times with strong hooks and straights.

On the other hand, Ioka responded by deciding the hook occasionally in addition to the accurate left and right bodies, and did not allow the opponent to make a decisive hit.

The match was not settled in the 12th round, and Ioka won the 3-0 decision and succeeded in defending for the third time.

On the ring, Ioka said, "The opponent was strong, but it was a good experience to win the auction. I was able to defend safely, so I want to realize a unified battle of the four groups and prove that I am the strongest in this class. I was already looking ahead to the next and subsequent games.

Ioka is the only Japanese male player to win the 4th class, and last year's New Year's Eve defeated the 3rd class champion Kosei Tanaka, which was the first title match in about 9 months.