At the Tokyo Paralympic table tennis, China is showing strength as well as the Olympics.

Won the most 8 gold medals in singles.

I asked two gold medalists about the secret of strength.

Men's and women's singles were held until the 30th of last month for the Tokyo Paralympic table tennis.

Classes are divided according to the type and degree of disability. Singles competed in 21 classes, 11 for boys and 10 for girls, and China won gold medals in 8 classes, the most.

Of these, we talked to Zhao Shuai, who won the men's singles class with disabilities in his arms and legs for the third time in a row.

The Chinese team has held a training camp for more than 400 days at a training center in Hebei Province for the Tokyo Paralympics.

For about 5 hours every day, we practice basic exercises and actual battles with the general players in mind.

As it showed overwhelming strength at the Olympics, general Chinese athletes are thick and have high technical skills.

By receiving the balls of these players on a daily basis, the para table tennis players have also improved their level.

By practicing at a high level, Zhao said, "Because all the players have the belief that they can win, they are strong in competing developments." ..

“The national flag has a strong will and a sense of mission,” said Kaoru, who won the women's singles wheelchair class for the second time in a row. I want to hear the national anthem and raise the national flag, "he said, saying that the determination to carry the country is strengthening the players.

The Chinese team has advanced to the finals in many classes even in the current organizations. We are paying attention to the future battle to see how many gold medals will be increased.