Badminton, a new competition for the Tokyo Paralympics, has begun.

Ayako Suzuki, who ranked first in the world ranking in the women's singles class with disabilities in various qualifying leagues, got off to a good start with a straight victory over an Indian player.

In the new competition of the Tokyo Paralympics, badminton, the qualifying league started at the venue, Yoyogi National Stadium, and on the first day of the competition, a total of 10 Japanese men and women participated in the first match.

Of these, Suzuki played against an Indian player and allowed only 4 points in the play that invited the opponent's mistake from the first game, and took the game 21-4.

Suzuki won the second game straight with a score of 21-7, even with a feint that shook his opponent and a slow-moving shot.

In addition, in the women's singles wheelchair class, Sarina Satomi, who is number one in the world, played against a Korean player.

Satomi suffered from a shot that shook back and forth in the early stages, but gradually gained pace and took the first game 21-12.

After that, he took the second game 21 to 7 with his tenacious pursuit of the shuttle and powerful shots, and won straight with a game count of 2 to 0.

In badminton, various qualifying leagues will be held on the 2nd, and from the 3rd, the final tournament will start with medals by the players who have passed the qualifying.