In the Tokyo Paralympic, Athletics Men's Long Jump, and Prosthesis class, German Markus Rehm won the gold medal in a jump of 8 meters and 18 centimeters.

Although he could not exceed the record of the gold medal of the men's long jump of the Tokyo Olympics, which he was aiming for, he won the tournament for the third consecutive time with overwhelming strength.

A leap that showed great potential for para-athletes

33-year-old Markus Rehm did not reach the record of the gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympics that he was aiming for, but he embodied his desire to "show the potential of para-athletes" with an overwhelming leap.

At the age of 14, Laem lost his left knee to the bottom in a wakeboarding accident, and at the age of 20, he began to work on the long jump as a jumper on his prosthesis.

After that, he won a gold medal at the 2012 London Paralympics. In the following Rio de Janeiro tournament, he jumped over 8 meters and achieved consecutive victories.

In June, he made a leap of 8 meters and 62 centimeters, breaking his own world record.

Every time he set a new record, Laem appealed for his participation in the Olympics. He urged him to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, saying that showing the high level of parasports at the Olympics would lead to social diversity and understanding of people with disabilities, but the IOC = International Olympic Committee refused to do so. However, the CAS = Sports Arbitration Court also dismissed the petition, so the wish was not fulfilled.

Still, Rehm put all his thoughts into his performance at the Tokyo Paralympics. Taking advantage of the speed of the run-up, which has been strengthened, "I want you to see the jump that makes the sandbox feel small," marked 8 meters and 18 centimeters for the fifth time.

The gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympics, Miltiádis Tentguru of Greece, who was aiming for it, did not reach the record of 8 meters 41 centimeters, but achieved the third straight victory with a leap that overwhelmed the other athletes who participated, and became a para-athlete. It showed great potential.