Kimi Räikkönen announced today, Wednesday, that his 20-year career in formula one will end after this season.

The crown of Räikkönen's career is the year 2007. At that time, he won the world championship in Ferrari.

In the top three on the F1 series leaderboard, he has finished a total of six times, twice with McLaren, three times with Ferrari and once with Lotus.

Numbers 2 and 17 related to the World Championship, which describe perhaps the most remarkable achievement of Räikkönen's entire career.

In the World Cup battle of that season, Räikkönen was behind Lewis Hamilton of McLaren, who led the World Series by as many as 17 points, when there were only two races left.

The difference was huge, as at that time the race won 10 points.

Räikkönen won the last two races of that season in China and Brazil.

Hamilton's balance from the same race was an interruption and seventh place, so Ferrari's Finnish driver rose to the World Championship victory by one point.

Hamilton's teammate Fernando Alonso was also left with only one point from Räikkönen's balance in the World Championship thriller.

Räikkönen's career remains strongly in the history books “despite” only one world championship.

Namely, the “Iceman” holds several records of the royal class.

Last season in Germany at the Nürburgring, Räikkönen rose alongside Rubens Barrichello as a record number of F1 starts.

Now Räikkönen leads that statistic in his lonely majesty.

The career’s 344 GP starts have brought 21 wins, 103 podium finishes and 18 pole positions.

There are still 11 races left through this.

Räikkönen has finished in 271 races, and he leads that statistic before Alonso (256).

Räikkönen has driven the fastest lap of the race 46 times.

Hamilton (56) and Michael Schumacher (77) are above.

In the number of the fastest laps of one season, Räikkönen shares the top spot with Schumacher.

Both have run the fastest lap in ten races in one season, Räikkönen as many as twice, ie in the seasons 2005 and 2008.

With 103 awards, Räikkönen is the Fifth of all time.

Hamilton (174) is number one and Schumacher (155), Sebastian Vettel (122) and Alain Prost (106) are also ahead.

When calculating the World Championship points achieved during his career, Räikkönen is fourth on the all-time list (1,865 points).

Räikkönen has scored in 217 races, ahead of Hamilton and Schumacher.

This statistic also tells about Räikkönen's soaring long career: Räikkönen has a record in the period between his first and last victory.

The Finn took the first victory of his career in Malaysia in 2003 and the last in the USA in 2018. In between, there were 5,691 days.

Räikkönen has driven in the F1 series for a total of 19 seasons.

Only Barrichello (1993–2011) and Schumacher (1991–2006, 2010–2012) have had an equally long career in the past.