Yes, we did it, the golf license.

My wife and I are real golfers now.

Well, maybe not a real golfer.

But if we were to enter the golf club, whose pro led us to obtain a license to play, then we would not only be allowed to hit our balls and search on the so-called short course, a kind of mini golf on grass, but also to the greats of this sport, to the Tiger Woods our area.

The 18-hole course would then be our home.

A home in the country.

Mown meadow, trimmed trees, sifted sand in bunkers.

Greenkeepers who trim all the bullet holes with nail scissors so that no stalk obstructs the ball on its way to the target.

Perfect lawn care, almost Wimbledon.

Easy, medium or difficult?

Brief review of our weekend course.

How difficult do you think golf is, asked the pro, easy, medium or difficult?

Each of the six participants knew what answer was expected of them.

Difficult, said a lady, and the pro's eyelids nodded gently at her.

The other five gathered their courage and said: medium.

The pro looked sad.

Five ignorant people.

Golf, he said in the tone that has always been used to proclaim the purest truths, golf is the second hardest sport.

The five ignorant people are impressed, the nerdy too. Only pole vault, said the pro, is harder. I must have missed: The severity of sports has apparently been measured at some point by an officially appointed sports surveying office. We did not get number three in the ranking. I forgot to ask. In retrospect, I would bet on ice hockey, or better: on decathlon.

The big three: pole vault, golf, decathlon. A couple of seniors have just teed off at hole one, now they get into their electric car to follow the ball. Ice hockey would probably not be for them, too easy. For us, you have to be honest, golf is still a little too difficult at the moment, and an Olympic start would come too early. But what we're really good at is etiquette. Isn't that important in a decathlon. Yes, with golf.

We know all about penalty strokes. When do we get one and when two. We know all about improper behavior. We know you don't cast a shadow on the putting line. We know that after entering the bunker, you rake. We know shirts have a collar. We know the whole colorful theory, but the practice is still a little gray. You guessed it, there is a lack of accuracy. But we can still manage that. If not, contrary to expectations, we will switch. Something easier. Decathlon probably.