It's gone fast.

Two weeks ago, Farhiya Abdi received the news that Turkish Kayseri Basketbol had been interested in signing the Swedish star.

Last Saturday she signed, and yesterday she was introduced.

This will be her fifth season in the Turkish league, and she told her agent she did not want to play anywhere else.

- I did not want to go back to Spain, I do not have many years left to play.

I wanted to play in Turkey, she says and continues:

- It's fun to play basketball in Turkey, and I thrive best there.

One of the reasons why Turkey is high on Abdi's list is because her parents now live there.

- If I have two days off, I can go there and visit, she says.

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Frida and Elin Eldebrink were the strongest scorers for Sweden.

Photo: Bildbyrån