Atsushi Yamamoto of Para-Athletics broke the Japanese record in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the men's long jump on track and field on the 28th, and finished 4th.

A leading para-athletics player showed a dignified match as the word says, "I still have something I can do. I want to always aim to update my personal best."

Tokyo Para Don't end with something temporary

"I want to show cool para sports"

"purely funny and wondering Moraeru game you want to"

by the Yamamoto background players have repeated these remarks end the attention to para sport a temporary thing to Tokyo Paralympic Games I had a similar feeling to the sense of crisis that I shouldn't do it.


"Until the Rio de Janeiro Games, I just wanted to win a gold medal, but at the Tokyo Paralympics, I want people to know about parasports. Medals are a means, not an end."

But this time, the distance to the medal looked farther than ever.

After winning the silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro Games, he suffered from injuries and ranked 5th in the world ranking this season.

The level of the long jump of the prosthesis has risen dramatically, and while overseas players have set records in the 7-meter range one after another, Yamamoto's personal best was only 6 meters and 70 centimeters, which he marked as an adult.

Even in the Tokyo Paralympic Finals on the 28th, records in the 7-meter range jumped out one after another.

Yamamoto finished 5th after finishing 4 jumps.

But I didn't give up.

In the 5th time, he jumped 6 meters and 75 centimeters to update his personal best by 5 centimeters, overtook two people at once, and moved up to 3rd place in the medal range.

At the last minute, he raised his sword and made a guts pose with both hands toward the stand.

Its "coolness" and the "interestingness" of the trembling game performance proved that the attractiveness of parasports as a sport is comparable to that of general sports.

After that, he was overtaken by the jump of 7 meters again, and the result was 4th.

Even so, even in difficult situations, he did not look down and showed us a game on the big stage where the strength of Para players who were looking for a chance to reverse was condensed.

"Medal acquisition" and "full national stadium" at the Tokyo Paralympics.

None of them were available, but Yamamoto's facial expression after the match was radiant.


"I think I was able to do my best because I was able to give my best performance by saying that I would show the best performance. Many people said that I was cheering in front of the TV, so they can enjoy it. I asked for clapping before the jump. I think it became a long jump that people watching can enjoy live. After that, what is important is how to create an environment where people with artificial legs that I saw on TV can run when they want to run. Do you want to make it? I'm going to do what I can. ”The

39-year-old veteran was already looking to the next as a player.


"The fact that today his best came out, that still extend. I think I think we there be still Yareru, already scheduled for next season was set up. Always want to continue doing with the aim of self-best update"

still , I want to see Atsushi Yamamoto's game.

The leading person who made me think so on the big stage will surely illuminate the future of parasports brightly.