, Xi'an, August 28 (Yang Yingqi and Zhang Yichen) "The 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games are held in various urban areas in the province, and the estimated number of registered people is about 40,000." Organizing Committee of the 14th National Games Feng Xiaoli, Assistant Minister of the Reception Department of the Association, said on the 28th.

  The reporter learned from the press conference held by the Organizing Committee of the Fourteenth National Games that the Fourteenth National Games had unified regulations and specific arrangements for reception links such as arrival and departure, catering and accommodation, and participation in events.

5 airports and 17 railway stations in Shaanxi Province have completed the design of the welcome and drop flow lines, all have opened special services for events, and have guaranteed the arrival and departure services for test events and early events.

  According to reports, during the race, the Organizing Committee of the Fourteenth National Games will set up arrival and departure service centers at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, Xi’an North Railway Station and Xi’an Railway Station. Other cities will set up reception points at local stations and open dedicated passages and green passages.

In terms of accommodation arrangements, a total of 103 hotels have been selected in the province to accommodate 26,000 people, leaving a surplus of 20%.

  As an important supporting facility for the 14th National Games, the National Games Village was officially opened in Xi'an on the 27th.

During the 14th National Games, the National Games Village will provide accommodation, catering, medical care, and transportation for more than 13,000 athletes, media reporters, and technical officials with 24-hour all-round services.

At present, various services such as accommodation, catering, commerce, medical treatment, and leisure in the village are fully functional, and more than 7,000 various service guarantee personnel have also been put in place.

  According to the latest competition schedule of the 14th National Games, handball and synchronized swimmers from all over the country took the lead in staying in the National Games Village.

  It is also reported that in order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the Fourteenth National Games will implement closed management for the personnel involved in the competition. The basic requirements mainly include four items: all persons of the right age (adjusted according to national policies at any time, currently 18 years of age and above) Complete the whole course of COVID-19 vaccination 14 days before arriving in Shaanxi, participating in the competition, and watching the game; all personnel involved in the competition shall provide a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours before arrival in Shaanxi or the start of the game, and the audience shall provide a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours before the game. Carry it with you when you watch the game; health monitoring is normal for 14 consecutive days before participating in the competition and watching the game; submit a health commitment letter.