On the 28th of the 5th day of the Tokyo Paralympics, the Italian national team Beatrice Maria Bio won the tournament for the second time in a row.

Bio players are known as influencers who are proud of their worldwide popularity on SNS.

"Fencer without both hands and feet"

At the age of 11, Bio had cuts from the elbows of both arms and below the knees of both legs due to an infection.

Even so, I couldn't give up my favorite fencing when I was 5 years old, so I continued to compete with artificial legs and hands.

It became the only Fencer in the world to be called "Fencer without both hands and feet" and won the gold medal at the last Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.

The attitude of taking on any difficulty has evoked sympathy and admiration, and the number of followers on SNS exceeds 1.1 million.

An Italian sports newspaper reporter who has been covering the Paralympics for many years,

"(Bio) is like a phoenix and is a valuable presence in the Italian sports world. The message is that she has overcome difficulties herself. there are like Yuzuru Hanyu player of Michael Phelps's and figure skating of swimming, she is always focused toward the target. "

in addition, Rujjero's father Biot players in the future, the Italian Olympic and Paralympic Games He revealed that he has a dream of unifying the committees and becoming chairman, breaking the barriers of the sports world.

On the 28th, many overseas media including Italy gathered at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, the venue for wheelchair fencing, to cover Bio players.

The bio player won the qualifying league without risk, using his overwhelming speed as a weapon.

Even in the final, every time I scored a point, I made a loud voice to inspire myself and achieved the second straight victory.

In an interview, when I asked him what he wanted to convey to the world suffering from the new Corona, he smiled, "With the support of good people, wonderful things will happen. If you believe in yourself and do hard work, you can do whatever you want." Bio player who talked.

“Difficulties can always be overcome”.

We will continue to send powerful messages through our own appearance.