On the night of the 27th, Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda said on his website about an accident in which a Japanese representative of the Tokyo Paralympic Judo came into contact with an autonomous driving car developed by Toyota Motor Corporation and was injured. I am very sorry for the concern. "

Toyota Motor Corporation President Toyota said on the 26th that an in-house developed self-driving electric vehicle = "e-Palette", which is used to move athletes and tournament officials in the Olympic Village, came into contact with athletes. In response to what happened, I explained the process on the company's website on the night of the 27th.

In this, President Toyota apologized, "I am very sorry for causing concern to many people due to the contact accident."

Also, regarding the response after the accident, "I hurriedly visited the Olympic Village with the hope of understanding what the situation was and meeting the athletes, but I could not meet them. I concentrated on tomorrow's competition. I decided that it was better, and the coach had such an opinion, so I raised it. "

On the other hand, President Toyota said about the self-driving car, "This time, we also conducted a demonstration experiment while the running course of the Olympic Village was decided. However, in the special environment of the Paralympics, those who are blind There are people with disabilities, and I couldn't cope with the environment up to that point. "

Due to the accident, the operation of self-driving cars has been suspended in the Olympic Village.

If the operation is resumed, President Toyota will dare to make the running noise louder so that he can see that the car is approaching, and cooperate with the person in charge of managing the car operation and the guide staff assigned at the site. He expressed his intention to consider improvement measures such as strengthening.