(Tokyo Paralympic Games) General news: 3 more crowns, China's 8 gold jumped to the top of the double list

  China News Agency, Tokyo, August 26. On the second day of the Tokyo Paralympic Games officially kicked off, 30 gold medals were divided up. The Chinese delegation won 1 gold each in weightlifting, swimming, and wheelchair fencing, with 8 golds, 5 silvers and 10 bronzes. The number of 23 medals jumped to the top of the gold medal and medal double charts.

  The weightlifting competition with 20 gold medals kicked off, 4 gold medals were produced that day, and the Chinese team played by two players won 1 gold and 1 silver.

  In the women's 41 kg competition, the 32-year-old "mother contestant" Guo Lingling won the championship with absolute strength.

She successfully lifted 105 kilograms in her first attempt, but none of the other players' best results exceeded 100 kilograms.

After breaking the world record (107 kg) held by her with 108 kg, she raised the world record she just set by 1 kg in the fourth attempt, regardless of performance and record.

  In the women's 45 kg final, Chinese player Cui Zhe won the silver medal and Nigerian player won the championship.

  It is worth mentioning that the world record holder for the women's 45 kg class is also Guo Lingling.

In recent years, breaking the world record has become the standard for Guo Lingling to participate in various weightlifting competitions. She has also become the only woman among the disabled women's weightlifters who holds two world records.

  In the men's 49 kg and 54 kg weightlifting competitions that day, no Chinese players participated. Jordan and Kazakhstan each won a gold medal.

  The swimming competition was still the big gold medalist of the day, and 14 gold medals were "sent".

In the men's and women's mixed 4×50m freestyle relay finals, the world record holder China won the championship with 2:15.49, and set the world record again.

  The winning members of the Chinese team are Zhang Li, Zheng Tao, Yuan Wei Translated, and Lu Dong.

Among them, Zhang Li also won the silver medal in the women's 100m freestyle S5 finals earlier that day.

In addition to the women's 200m freestyle S5 gold medals won on the 25th, the last Paralympic Games won 4 gold medals and 2 golds and 1 silver in Tokyo. The total number of individual Paralympic gold medals has reached 6.

  There was another good news in the wheelchair fencing arena. On the 25th, Tan Shumei, who just won the gold medal in the women's individual B-level competition of the women's saber, also won the gold medal of the women's individual B-level competition in the women's epee. The fifth gold medal.

  Tan Shumei, 32, is from Shanghai. This is her first time participating in the Paralympic Games.

On the 27th, she will also represent the Chinese team in the women's epee team competition.

  After the two-day battle of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Chinese delegation, which has achieved four consecutive Paralympic gold medals and medals, returned to the top of the "familiar" list. Currently ranking 2-8 on the gold medal list are the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia (6 gold each), the Netherlands (5 gold), Italy (4 gold), the United States (2 gold), and Belarus (2 gold) ( As of 21:00 Beijing time, the last gold medal match of the day is still in progress in the equestrian arena). (over)