Frida Karlsson is worn out, Linn Svahn has a shoulder injury and Jonna Sundling has had feelings in her stomach.

None of them participate in this week's competitions on roller skis in Trollhättan, but according to Anders Byström, the national team has a good plan for the skiers.

- That we slow down Frida a bit is only good so that she can build up again.

You have to be a little tired, but we must not cross the border.

It is more about safety measures in these cases, says Byström in C More.

- As for Linn, she has a good plan for her to come back.

Byström does not think the situation is worrying.

- No, I do not think so.

We have good control over it.

When asked if he feels any anxiety, the national team manager answers:

- No, if I have to put energy into worrying all the time, I have nothing else to do.

It feels safe, we have a good plan for everyone.

We look forward to winter and the Olympics, it will be really fun to follow.

The Beijing Olympics will be decided in February.

It is unclear when Karlsson, Svahn and Sundling may be back in full swing.

CLIP: Emma Ribom went on a knock in Trollhättan

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Emma Ribom.

Photo: Bildbyrån.