Shogo Akiyama of the Major League Baseball Reds started in the 8th center against the Brewers in Milwaukee on the 24th, but did not make a hit.

The first at bat in the 3rd inning was a pitcher goro, the 2nd at bat in the 4th inning was a strikeout, and the 3rd at bat in the 6th inning was a first at bat.

The Reds lost 4-7.

Red Sox Sawamura relief pitched 2 goals

Red Sox pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura pitched in the Twins game in Boston, where he is based, in the 7th inning, which was 9 to 6, with the fourth player from the first out.

Pitcher Sawamura hit with a walk and invited a pinch of second and third bases on a wild pitch to strike out two outs, but the following batter hit in front of the center and lost two points, and this game, two-thirds innings. I threw a walk and scored 2 runs.

The Red Sox won 11-9 and did not lose to pitcher Sawamura.

Pirates Tsutsugo Pinch hitter

Pirates Yoshitomo Tsutsugo was appointed as a substitute for the Diamondbacks in the 7th inning with 2 outs, 1st base and 2nd base, but the 2nd base runner was out on the running base and retired without being able to defend.

Pirates won 4-2.