The Tokyo Paralympics will start on the 25th, the second day of the competition.

The competition for the Japanese national team is scheduled.

(As of 11:00 pm on the 24th. The start time of the competition may change depending on the progress)

[Wheelchair fencing]

Japanese players will participate in wheelchair fencing for the first time in three tournaments since the Beijing tournament.

Men's and women's sabers will be held on the first day, and Shintaro Kano, Ryuji Onda, and Chisato Abe will participate from Japan.

9:00 AM Men's Saber Individual Category A (Shintaro Kano)

9:00 AM Men's Saber Individual Category B (Ryuji Onda)

10:30 AM Women's Saber Individual Category B (Chiri Abe)

[Table Tennis]

Yukihiro Iwabuchi, the flag bearer of the Japanese team, will appear in a class with disabilities in the arms and legs of table tennis.

9:40 AM Men's Singles Class 9 (Standing) Qualifying League (Yukihiro Iwabuchi)

11:00 AM Men's Singles Class 2 (Wheelchair) Qualifying League (Nobuhiro Minami)

0:20 pm Women's Singles Class 8 (Standing) Qualifying League (Yuri Tomono)

1:40 pm Women's Singles Class 11 (Intelligent) Qualifying League (Maki Ito)

4:00 pm Women's Singles Class 11 (Intelligent) Qualifying League (Kanami Furukawa)

6:00 pm Women's Singles Class 10 (

Maki Ito)

Standing) Qualifying League (Nozomi Takeuchi)

6:40 pm Men's Singles Class 11 (Intelligent) Qualifying League (Shun Asano)

7:20 pm Men's Singles Class 7 (Standing) Qualifying League (Zenyu Inoue)

[Swimming] For

men, Takayuki Suzuki, who participates in the 50-meter breaststroke motor dysfunction class, and Tokaibayashi Dai, who participates in the 100-meter butterfly intellectual disability class, are expected to receive medals. Miyuki Yamada, the youngest girl in history to participate in the 100-meter backstroke motor dysfunction class at the age of 14, will also aim for a medal.

9:41 AM Women's 100m

Back Swim

S2 (Motor Function) Qualifying (Miyuki Yamada)

9:55 AM Men's 100m Butterfly S14 (Intelligent) Qualifying (Tokairin University, Hirotomo Nakajima, Naohide Yamaguchi)

10:05 Women's 100m Butterfly S14 ( Intellectual) Qualifying (Mami Inoue, Moemi Kinoshita)

10:12 AM Men's 50m Flat Swim SB3 (Motor Function) Qualifying (Takayuki Suzuki)

10:39 AM Men's 100m Butterfly S13 (Visual) Qualifying (Motoki Saito)

11:08 AM Women's 200m Free Form S5 (Motor Function) Qualifying (Maori Yui)

11:21 AM Men's 100m

Free Form

S8 (Motor Function) Qualifying (Kota Kubota, Torataro Ogiwara)


Keiko Sugiura will participate in the motor dysfunction class of women's individual pursuits.

The 50-year-old Sugiura, who started the competition in 2017, has achieved results such as winning a bronze medal at the world championship of the track last year, and he is expected to be the first Japanese medal while appearing for the first time.

10:00 am Women's individual pursuit C1-3 (motor function) Qualifying (Keiko Sugiura, Miho Fujii)


Goalball will be played for the first time in the host country frame with girls aiming for the gold medal for the first time in two tournaments since the London 2012 Games. Both boys will face the first match.

1:15 pm Men's Qualifying League Japan-Algeria

2:45 pm Women's Qualifying League Japan-Turkey

[Wheelchair Basketball]

The Japan national team for wheelchair basketball has participated since the Beijing tournament.

We will face Australia in the first match of the qualifying league.

5:00 pm Women's Qualifying League Japan-Australia

[Wheelchair Rugby]

The Japanese representative of Wheelchair Rugby, who won the bronze medal for the first time in the Rio de Janeiro tournament last time, will enter the first match of the qualifying league with France aiming for a gold medal held in his own country.

8:00 pm Qualifying League Japan-France