China News Service Client Beijing, August 24. According to the official website of the China Table Tennis Association, the Chinese table tennis team will not form a team to participate in the 2021 Asian Championships to be held in Qatar from September 28 to October 5.

The national table tennis players will immediately participate in the 14th National Games held in Shaanxi after completing the isolation for returning from the Olympics.

  Qin Zhijian, secretary general of the China Table Tennis Association, said that after completing the Tokyo Olympic Games, the national table tennis players will not only return to their local teams to participate in the National Games, but also prepare for a series of events such as the Houston World Table Tennis Championships and the Table Tennis Super League. The task is heavy.

  Qin Zhijian said that the table tennis competition of the current National Games will be held from September 17 to 26, and the Asian Championships will open on September 28. The interval is very short. Combined with the current flight situation, it is difficult for the national table tennis team to meet the schedule. Arrived in Qatar to compete.

At the same time, the current global epidemic situation is still severe, and there are greater risks in participating in international travel.

If participating in the Asian Championships, participants need to be isolated again after returning home, which will affect the national team's next event plan, especially the preparation and training for the Houston World Table Tennis Championships, which is not conducive to the training and development of young players.

Therefore, the National Table Tennis Men's and Women's coaches decided not to participate in this Asian Championship after comprehensive research and judgment, from the perspective of the team as a whole.

  Li Sun, head coach of the National Table Tennis Women's Team, said that not participating in the Asian Championships will have little impact on the Chinese team.

"This year's Asian Championships are mainly used as a qualifying event for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships next year. As the host, we have already qualified for the competition. After completing the Olympic Games, the players must first adjust their bodies and prepare for the National Games. Meeting with the World Championships, not going to the Asian Championships is the best choice for the team's preparation and overall development."

  At present, the Chinese table tennis team, which is still in isolation, is still carrying out physical training without interruption, hoping to meet the National Games in a better state.

  Regarding the game arrangements for the national team in the second half of the year, Qin Zhijian revealed: "The Chinese Table Tennis Association plans to hold the 2021 Table Tennis Super League in October, and hopes to use the table tennis super platform to train young players." After that, the team will enter the Houston World Table Tennis Championships. Go in preparation for war.

  After the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese table tennis team also started preparations for the Paris cycle.

Both Qin Zhijian and Li Sun expressed their hope that in the second half of the year, especially in the World Table Tennis Championships, the team's new and old players can start to compete again, and they also look forward to more young athletes.

  The Houston World Table Tennis Championships will be held from November 23 to 29.