China News Service, Beijing, August 23 (Reporter Zhang Su and Xu Pengpeng) After winning the gold in the men's 200-meter individual medley at the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese swimming star Wang Shun once told reporters that what he wanted most was the hairtail cooked by his grandmother.

Data map: On July 30, Wang Shun celebrated his victory after the men's 200m individual medley final in the Tokyo Olympics.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  In a recent interview with a reporter from China News Service/China News Service, Wang Shun said that it has been a while since the last time I ate the hairtail that my grandma had cooked. "I can't remember the details."

  However, he said that when the National Games is over, there will be a short vacation, when he will visit his grandpa and grandma, and he will be able to eat the hometown food he has always wanted.

  Wang Shun admitted that he was very lucky.

He said that some athletes gave up their dreams because of family and other reasons, and he has always been accompanied and supported by his parents and other family members.

  This strength supported the veteran to stick to it.

The trip to Tokyo was Wang Shun's third time to participate in the Olympics, and he got his first Olympic gold medal as he wished.

A moving scene was also seen on the stadium. The Olympic Games "Five Dynasty veteran" and Hungarian star Cech shook hands with Wang Shun to express his congratulations, and Wang Shun immediately bowed.

  "I did this without thinking too much." Wang Shun explained.

On the one hand, it is because I respect this senior swimmer from the bottom of my heart. "When he was a child watching TV, he was already an excellent athlete competing for gold and silver in the Olympics."

On the other hand, as veterans, they also understand the meaning of the game better, which is to show the Olympic spirit of faster, higher, stronger, and more united in the swimming pool.