The final round of women's golf this season, the British Women's Open, was held in the UK on the 22nd, and 21-year-old Ayaka Furue finished 20th with a total of 5 under.

Furue, who came out of 15th place with a total of 5 unders, 4 strokes behind the lead, succeeded in one-on with a short par 4 11th and made this hole an eagle. rice field.

However, he dropped the score with 17th and 18th in the final stage as consecutive bogies, and on that day he was 20th with a total of 5 unders with 1 eagle, 2 birdies and 4 bogies.

Among the other Japanese players, Nasa Hataoka was 26th with a total of 3 under, Hinako Shibuno who won this tournament was 34th with a total of 1 under, and Yuka Saso was 39th with an even par.

Sweden's Anna Nordqvist won a total of 12 under, winning the third overseas major and the ninth American tour.