Rodez the VAFC for the 5th day of Ligue 2, at the Stade du Hainaut.

Rodez took the win with a score of 4-1. Buadés hurt his opponents today, as he finished with a brace.

It was a starting 11 from Ruthenian in a rather offensive 3-5-2 that started the game, with Depres and Bonnet in attack, facing Guégan's usual 4-3-3.

16th minute and first goal for the VA in this match thanks to Guillaume, on a pass from Robail.

Then, Buadés seized the opportunity that presented itself in the 27th, he scored against VAFC.

It was with a score of 1-1 that the two teams returned to the locker room.

He was definitely in good shape since in the 48th, he scored again.

In the 73rd, Depres allowed Peyrelade's men to take off.

Finally, in the 77th, David scored the last goal of the match for Rodez.

The players made a lot of mistakes that the referee must have whistled.

He warned Yatabaré, Robail, Ouammou, Bardy and Leborgne.

VAFC ended up at 10 in the 33rd, after Dos Santos was fired from the locker room.

By gaining 5 places thanks to this victory, Rodez passes 8th, overtaking Pau in the standings.

The defeat suffered by the VAFC leads it to 14th place in the standings (- 2 places).

VAFC and Rodez: the next matches

For his next match, Rodez will face USL Dunkirk at the Paul-Lignon stadium on August 28 at 7 p.m.

For its part, the VAFC will meet the TFC the same day at 3 p.m., at the TFC Stadium.

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The match sheet: line-ups, goals and refereeing

VAFC - Rodez: 1-4 (1-1 at half-time)

In Valenciennes (Stade du Hainaut), on August 21, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Rodez trainer: Laurent Peyrelade

Composition of Rodez: Lionel Mpasi-Nzau (16), Adilson Malanda (24), Bradley Danger (14), Pierre Bardy (4) [then Joris Chougrani in the 70th], Julien Celestine (2), Jordan Leborgne (18) [ then Enzo Zidane in the 61st], Nassim Ouammou (7) [then Johann Obiang in the 70th], Rémy Boissier (6), Clement Depres (25), Lucas Buadés (19), Ugo Bonnet (11) [then Florian David in the 70th]

VAFC trainer: Olivier Guégan

Composition of the VAFC: Saturnin Allagbé (1), Emmanuel Ntim (25), Laurent Dos Santos (11), Maxime Spano-Rahou (5), Aly Abeid (3) [then Mathis Picouleau in the 52nd], Sambou Yatabaré (22) , Mohamed Kaba (21) [then Mathieu Debuchy in the 61st], Julien Masson (6), Baptiste Guillaume (18), Gaëtan Robail (9) [then Ben Qadir Abou Ouattara in the 75th], Floyd Ayité (7) [then Aymen Boutoutaou at the 71st]

Goals: Guillaume (16th), Buadés (27th), Buadés (48th), Depres (73rd), David (77th)

Warnings: Robail (34th), Yatabaré (53rd) for the VAFC, Leborgne (56th), Bardy (59th), Ouammou (66th) for Rodez

Expelled players: Dos Santos (33rd) for the VAFC

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