The first round of the American tour of men's golf, the playoffs, was held in New Jersey on the 20th, and Hideki Matsuyama retreated to 25th place, 7 strokes behind the lead, with a total of 5 under.

The playoffs will be contested in three races, including this tournament, with up to 125th place earned points in the season participating in the first round and advancing to 70th place earned points in the second round.

Matsuyama, who is the only Japanese player in the playoffs, took nine birdies, including five in a row, but also had three bogies, and in the final 18th shot, the second shot was an OB and hit a triple bogey. Although he increased by three, the total was 5 under, and the ranking fell back from 15th place on the previous day to 25th place, which is 7 strokes behind the lead.

Spain's Jon Rahm, who is number one in the world ranking, is defending the lead with a total of 12 under.