China News Service, Beijing, August 20th, title: The Chinese complex of Danish Olympic champion Ansailong

  China News Agency reporter Ma Xiuxiu and Wen Mengxin

  "Eating grapes do not spit out grape skins, and do not eat grapes but spit out grape skins." In a video interview with a reporter from China News Agency, the badminton men's singles champion of the Tokyo Olympics, Ansailong, a badminton player from Denmark, said fluent Chinese tongue twisters. .

  As a world champion, Ansailong not only has good skills, but also has a high level of Chinese.

He told a reporter from China News Agency about his experience of learning Chinese.

  At the age of 14, Ansailong came to China for training for the first time. At that time, he thought China was a very interesting country.

Later, as the number of competitions in China increased, he became more and more interested in China and decided to learn Chinese.

"I think China and Chinese are more interesting. Chinese badminton players and Chinese training methods are also very interesting. This also gives me motivation to learn."

  One hour of Chinese class every day, careful completion of homework, and Chinese commentary while watching the badminton game... After making up his mind, Axelon put Chinese learning plan on the agenda.

As time goes by, his Chinese level is getting higher and higher.

At present, he has relatively strong listening and speaking skills.

  Ansailong said frankly that Chinese is a very difficult language, but it is also very interesting.

The Chinese characters look beautiful, and the distinction between the four tones is also very interesting, which is not available in Danish.

  After the Olympics, Axelion said that videos of tongue twisters were widely spread on the Chinese Internet.

  "I am very happy." Ansailong said, learning Chinese don't be afraid to "speak".

Although in the eyes of most Chinese, there are still many problems with his Chinese expression, but he is still respected by everyone.

Ansailong hopes that he can give more motivation to people who want to learn Chinese.

  Arcelon believes that learning a new language can bring happiness to people.

In October last year, Ansailong's daughter was born, named An Weijia in Chinese.

Today, Chinese has become the language of communication between him and his daughter.

"I hope to lay a better foundation, and hope she can also learn Chinese in the future, because (learning Chinese) has brought me a lot of happiness."

  Taking advantage of the competition, Axelion has been to China many times. Although he likes Chinese culture very much, he rarely has time to visit.

He said that he hoped that in the future, he would have the opportunity to relax and have fun in China and have a more comprehensive understanding of the country.