The 33-year-old suffered both a concussion and abrasions all over his body after he fell twice on the roller skis in Germany.

After all, Bö is on its way back, says national team coach Egil Kristiansen.

- The first day he was completely pale and gray in the face, and said nothing.

The body feels good now again, but the abrasions are not completely healed yet, he tells NRK.

The reason for the biathlon veteran's fall was that his ties were released.

The organizer, who provided roller skis to all skiers, received harsh criticism after the miss.

- It seems that they do not take it seriously.

It's absolutely awful if you ask me.

It is not acceptable, said cross-country skier Emil Iversen about the incident earlier this week.

CLIP: Here Bö loses his ski - falls twice in the same race (18 August 2021)

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Here Bö loses his ski - falls twice in the same race Photo: NRK