Undesirable behavior by a player in the National Bank is causing a crisis in the Egyptian League.. (Video)

The "Egyptian Football News" website revealed the undesirable behavior of Al-Ahly Bank player Mohamed Essam, during his team's match against the clearing house for the 31st week of the Egyptian League, that was enough to ignite the anger of the clearing players and the outbreak of an argument between the players of the two teams.

And in the 83rd minute of the match, when the result indicated that the National Bank was advancing 5-1, Mohamed Essam stood on the ball, in an undesirable and provocative movement, which, according to the description of the “Egyptian Football News” website, was enough to cause the clearing players’ anger, Before the referee of the meeting went to show the yellow card in the face of Mohamed Essam as a result of this behavior.

🎥 The provocation of Mohamed Essam, the player of the National Bank of Al-Aiba, Egypt, the clearing, after the broad victory


- Egyptian football news (@masrkora) August 18, 2021

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