The World Cup four from Sweden's Grand Prix last Saturday, Jason Doyle, had preserved the form for the Ducks' important home match against Rospiggarna in the hunt for the playoffs.

12 points from the 2017 world champion, and the former rosy spike driver Jason Doyle became important for the Ducks.

And the family is the worst it is called.

Rasmus Jensen, in Rospiggarnas vest last season, also made one of the season's best matches when he scored 13 points.

And together with Doyle, they secured the home victory in the 15th and final heat with a heat predominance of 4-2.

Overtaking the bonus points

And add to that Jacob Thorssell's eleven points.

Thorssell has also represented Rospiggarna earlier in his career.

However, the bonus points stayed in Hallstavik since Rospiggarnas Kim Nilsson won an arbitration heat for an extra team point against Rasmus Jensen.

An important point for Rospiggarna in the battle for a playoff spot, it may turn out.