Late on Wednesday evening, the news came that Frida Karlsson was forced to give up this week's competitions on roller skis in Norway.

She also misses next week's competitions in Trollhättan.

- On the work physiology tests that we do regularly, we see that she has been worn for a long time, for a few weeks, says "Pliggen".

- This is a measure that we are now doing earlier than we did before.

We try to learn from what has happened in previous years by taking this action earlier.

She has had a good training period and trained very hard as she has to do.

This is a measure to avoid medical consequences and a longer time away from exercise.

This is the most sensitive time for our skiers.

They have a solid period of hard training behind them, so this is nothing unique for Frida.

We try to learn from what we have seen in previous years.

In a press release, Frida Karlsson says that she felt "worn and overloaded".

Is she near the border all the time?

- No, there is a system in her approach.

At the same time, with the goals that Frida has, you need to have a high load.

Then you enter a period where it is a little heavier.

Then it is important that you first and foremost remove the high-intensity elements, that is what we are doing now by giving up the next two competitions, says "Pliggen".

According to the national team doctor, there is no concern for the season ahead.

- No, we do not think so.

We see this as an adaptation of the training.

As a doctor, I see it as a good sign that you are flagging because you are tired and need recovery.

We hope and expect that this is a training adjustment and we will continue to work according to a revised plan in the coming weeks.

About the Swedish Ski Association choosing to send out the press release late on Wednesday night, "Pliggen" says:

- Frida really wanted to join. Then we unfortunately got the answer that she was not really where she should be to be able to take advantage of that load, there was also a risk that this would take her to another level that would be harder to get out of than if we braked.