Summer national high school baseball, 1st round 1 game, 2nd round 3 games will be held on the 20th.

The summer national high school baseball championship held at Koshien Stadium was postponed to the 20th, with the first game being canceled due to rain on the 19th and the second game being canceled.

1st match

The first match is the first round, which is a match between Omi High School in Shiga and Nihon University Tohoku High School in Fukushima.

It rained heavily on the 19th, and there was no game in the middle of the 5th inning.

Omi's sophomore, Yosho Yamada is No. 4 in the local tournament and has two home runs.

He is also a pitcher and is the center of the team with one goal in the starting lineup of four games.

Nihon University Tohoku is characterized by the "daily batting line" that decides the batting order by watching the batting practice on the day of the game, and has tenacity such as deciding to participate in Koshien by winning the goodbye in the final of the local tournament.

2nd match

The second and subsequent games will be the second round.

In the second match, Nishi-Nippon Junior College High School in Fukuoka and Nishogakusha High School in East Tokyo will play against each other.

Pitcher Oshima Hiiragi, an ace attached to Nishi-Nippon Junior College, has a characteristic of pitching by hitting with two seams and change-ups.

Pitcher Masanori Akiyama, an ace attached to Nishogakusha University, pitched in five games in the local tournament with a straight in the middle of the 140-kilometer range, and took 39 strikeouts.

3rd match

In the third match, Kagoshima's Shonan High School and Mie High School will play against each other.

In Shonan, left-throwing ace, pitcher Tsunekawa Nishida has a fastball of 145km and a variety of changing balls, and he threw the local tournament by himself.

In Mie, the batting average of the team in the local tournament exceeds 50% of the representative schools of this tournament, and there are 15 home runs and long hitting ability.

4th match

The fourth match is a match between Nihon Bunri High School in Niigata and Tsuruga Kehi High School in Fukui.

Nihon Bunri has a thick pitcher base centered on pitcher Haruya Tanaka, a sophomore ace with a fastball of 140 kilograms, and has a long hitting power.

Tsuruga Kehi has a batting average of more than 40% in regional tournaments of central batters such as captain Masaki Oshima, and a team batting average of 30%, 6 minutes and 6 minutes.