A football club cannot find a sponsor for the jersey advertising.

So he donates the space to a good cause until someone answers.

The association appears promptly and decides: This is political, this is forbidden.

Looks familiar.

This piece does not play in the National Football League, the European Football Championship or the Olympics.

But in the Regionalliga Nordost, fourth division.

Tennis Borussia Berlin has had its jerseys printed with the name of an organization that helps victims of political attacks.

“Cura - Victims Fund for Right Violence” is written on the jerseys, which TeBe players are not allowed to wear during competitive games.

Aktion Cura was founded in 1993 by Ursula Kinkel after a wave of xenophobic and racist violence in the unified Germany.

It enabled help for people in dire need, of whom the wife of the Foreign Minister at the time had met the most famous: the Arslan family in Mölln, the Genç family in Solingen, Noel Martin, victims of a robbery in Mahlow, Birmingham.

Civic engagement par excellence.

She wanted, said Ursula Kinkel ten years ago, that Germany's past would be more present in people's minds and that “never again” would be the motto of our society - otherwise everything about human dignity, human rights and personal freedom is in ours, as she said : wonderful constitution. In 2004, fifteen years before her death, she handed over the Cura victim fund to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which bears her name in memory of the brutal murder of the 28-year-old Angolan Amadeu Antonio Kiowa in 1990 in Eberswalde.

So to the game rules of the Northeast German Football Association (NOFV) and its interpretation.

Paragraph 25 number 8 states: “Advertising for political groups and with political statements is not permitted.” The NOFV refers to this in its ban, but initially did not publish its reasoning.

TeBe quotes the association as follows: "We are also concerned that a certain group of people might feel provoked by the advertising."

Only in response to outrage and protest, the NOFV cuddled in front of right-wing violent criminals, they followed up with a public statement, according to which the ban was justified by the fact that the advertising only pointed to right-wing violence, “because there is also violence from the left and other forms of violence Aggression and Discrimination ”.

Otherwise: Word jingling about the fight against violence in our society as a task of football and standing up for diversity and tolerance and against racist, constitutional and xenophobic endeavors.

But: "In the 90 minutes of playing time, the socio-political problems (may) not be discussed without losing sight of them." Every club is allowed to show solidarity with politically oriented foundations, but not influence the game or third parties.

This goes against what Ursula Kinkel asked us all to do.

Cura is an imperative: take care!

Certainly it is political.

The ban, however, is all the more political.

And wrong with that.