client, August 19, according to the Chinese football team news, at noon on the 18th, 14 players arrived at the hotel on time for the Shanghai National Football training camp.

The rest of the players participating in the Super League make-up match will report before 18:00 on the 19th, while Wu Lei will meet with the team at the venue on the 26th.

  At 4:30 in the afternoon of the same day, the team conducted the first training session of this intensive training at Houpaier Sports Park.

Zhang Linpeng, who arrived in Shanghai in the morning, said that she would use this period of training to adjust her physical condition as soon as possible before the game.

  When talking about the possible long-term training and closed isolation, Zhang Linpeng said: "We have known this news a long time ago. I think everyone is mentally prepared. In the case of the epidemic, what we can do is Do our job well, and then go to meet various challenges."

  When talking about how to face the pressure of the top twelve games, Zhang Linpeng said: “I have to prepare for the game, play to my own level, and help everyone to complete the goal of the game together. As a veteran in the team, experience After many competitions, this top 12 competition is also a new start for me."

  In the case of the epidemic, although the current top 12 competition system remains unchanged, there are still variables in the home court settings of each team.

Zhang Linpeng believes that this is a new challenge compared to the previous top twelve competition. "I think we still have to make all kinds of psychological preparations. This is more important than skills and tactics."

  At present, the 14 players on the team are in good physical condition and all participated in the team's first training session.

In the coming week, the team will continue to train in Shanghai Houpier Sports Park in accordance with the training plan.