At the Tokyo Olympics, which ended on August 8, the major American IT company, which was responsible for the Internet video distribution of about 30 major media companies around the world, said that during the tournament, the live distribution of the competition and the time when the video was watched It was revealed that it was the largest ever, with about 500 million hours, more than double the previous Rio Games.

The peak of viewing is August 7th

During the Tokyo Olympics, the American IT company "Akamai Technologies" distributed videos such as live streaming on the Internet of about 30 major media companies in the world.

According to the company, the total amount of video data delivered during the 17-day period was 600 petabytes, and the viewing time was 500 million hours.

This is more than double the amount of data and viewing time compared to the previous Rio de Janeiro Games, the largest in the past Olympics.

The peak of viewing was on August 7, when baseball and soccer men's finals were held both in the world and in Japan.

The company says that in addition to the spread of video distribution on the Internet, the number of people watching the game on the Internet has increased due to the fact that it was held without spectators due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Harish Menon, senior director of Akamai Technologies, said, "It's been a big challenge to keep it delivered 24 hours a day, fast, stable and secure. At the Paralympics, it's the same level of urgency. I want to come in a system. "