Saya Hamamoto, who has won the All Japan Championship for Boxing Women, tested positive for prohibited substances in the doping test and was suspended for two years by JADA = Japan Anti-Doping Agency.

This was announced by JADA on the 19th.

According to JADA, a doping test conducted in February detected "furosemide," a type of diuretic that is prohibited by regulation, from Hamamoto.

Hamamoto claimed to JADA that the intake was unintentional, but he did not dispute the test results.

JADA has suspended Hamamoto for two years from March 25th.

Hamamoto is a fourth-year university student from Osaka Prefecture, and won the All Japan Championship in 2018 in the bantamweight and light weight divisions.

I aimed to participate in the Tokyo Olympics in the light weight class, but I could not get a quota in the Asia / Oceania qualifying in March last year, and this year's world final qualifying was canceled due to the influence of the new corona virus, so the Tokyo Games I did not participate in.