[Explanation] At the Tokyo Olympics, Angel Bell partnered with Bao Shanju and won the championship of women's track cycling women's team racing.

Behind their victory, Guo Yufang has been escorting the two as a substitute.

  Recently, Guo Yufang said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency that as a substitute, he was always ready to play during the game.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympic Track Cycling Women’s Team Racing Substitute Guo Yufang

  Naturally, I especially don’t want our main players to have any problems, but I’m a substitute athlete. If something happens to them, such as physical discomfort or temporary changes, like our substitute athletes. To be directly on top.

Because we are a team event, so no matter whether I am in the 1st or 2nd course, there can be no relaxation, because you don't know what will happen before the start of the competition.

  [Explanation] Participating in the Tokyo Olympics but not on the arena, not competing with opponents, Guo Yufang said frankly that there will still be some regrets.

But being able to experience the Olympic atmosphere on the spot and accumulating experience for future competitions is also a reward for her.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympic Track Cycling Women’s Team Racing Substitute Guo Yufang

  During the competition, I might write down the results of each country, write them down and analyze them, so that they can directly see their (to) run results.

Then in training, we are actually the same, whether we eat, live, or train together, and training is basically the same.

Because we are a team, so I feel that this is the job, even if they are not on the field, and then everyone is a team, I feel that they have won the championship and I am very happy.

In other words, a substitute is an indispensable part for the team.

  [Explanation] Guo Yufang, who went off as a substitute, has not only broken the national record of the adult women's 500m individual time trial, but also partnered with Bao Shanju to win the 2021 National Track Cycling Championship adult women's team racing championship.

  Hard training is inseparable from the performance.

Guo Yufang said that during the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics cycle, he practiced vomiting many times during training.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympic Track Cycling Women’s Team Racing Substitute Guo Yufang

  I have to have this ability for Dao 1 and Dao 2, so when I practice Dao 1 with explosive power, I have to go all out to practice it, and Dao 2 must go all out to practice it.

Because I’m a little tired when I practice abilities, I say that we are riding a big class. It’s this kind of endurance (class), the intensity is high and the distance is long. One down vomited and the other went up to continue riding, down and then vomited up again to ride, and kept going.

  [Explanation] After the experience of the competition, Guo Yufang said that now he has a sense of peace.

Regardless of whether it is in the domestic arena or the Olympics in the future, I just hope that every game can be better.

  Comprehensive report by reporter Xu Pengpeng

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]