Summer national high school baseball, 1st round 1 game, 2nd round 3 games will be held on the 19th.

The summer national high school baseball tournament held at Koshien Stadium was canceled due to bad weather in the three games scheduled for the 18th, and the Japan High School Baseball Federation and others have rescheduled this tournament.

Game 1 Omi High School vs. Nihon University Tohoku High School

The first match is between Omi High School in Shiga and Nihon University Tohoku High School in Fukushima.

Omi's sophomore, Yosho Yamada is No. 4 in the local tournament and has two home runs.

He is also a pitcher and is the center of the team with one goal in the starting lineup of four games.

Nihon University Tohoku is characterized by the "daily batting line" that decides the batting order by watching the batting practice on the day of the game, and in the final of the local tournament, it has a tenacity such as deciding to participate in Koshien by winning the goodbye.

2nd Match Attached to West Japan Junior College vs. Attached to Nishogakusha University

From the second game, we will enter the second round.

In the second match, Nishi-Nippon Junior College High School in Fukuoka and Nishogakusha High School in East Tokyo will play against each other.

Pitcher Oshima Hiiragi, an ace attached to Nishi-Nippon Junior College, has a characteristic of pitching by hitting and taking with two seams and change-ups.

Pitcher Masanori Akiyama, an ace attached to Nishogakusha University, pitched in five games in the local tournament with a straight in the middle of the 140-kilometer range, and took 39 strikeouts.

Game 3 Kyoto International vs. Maebashi Ikuei

The third match is a match between Kyoto International High School and Maebashi Ikuei High School in Gunma.

Kyoto International, who participates in the spring and summer in a row, is a left-throwing sophomore ace, and pitcher Rui Morishita has a fastball of around 140km.

There is also momentum in the batting average, with the top four players marking a batting average of 40% or more at local competitions.

Maebashi Ikuei's captain, No. 4, Yue Fei Minagawa, has three home runs and a long hit at the local tournament.

As a team, we have one error in 6 games, and we have a strong defense.

Game 4 Sakushin Gakuin vs. Takamatsu Commercial

The fourth match is a match between Sakushin Gakuin in Tochigi and Takamatsu Commercial in Kagawa.

At Sakushin Gakuin, pitchers such as Takuki Hayashi, who has a characteristic of changing balls, and Masaru Sato, who is straight and powerful, are stable with 7 goals in 5 local tournaments.

At Takamatsu Commercial High School, Shogo Asano, a second-year student at a local tournament, has scored 10 RBIs at the top of the team, including a full-base home run in the quarter-finals and a home run in the finals, showing the strength of the game.

Tochigi Sakushin Gakuin All negative in pre-match test

The Japan High School Baseball Federation and others conducted an inspection of Tochigi's Sakushin Gakuin, where it was confirmed that two members were infected with the new coronavirus before the summer national high school baseball tournament, before the game on the 19th. Announced that everyone was negative.

The Takano Ren = Japan High School Baseball Federation and others regularly carry out PCR tests on members and managers as a countermeasure against infection with the new coronavirus.

At Sakushin Gakuin in Tochigi, it was confirmed by a pre-convention inspection that two members were infected.

Takano Ren and others announced on the 18th that all of them were negative in the test conducted on the members of Sakushin Gakuin before the game on the 19th.

Sakushin Gakuin will face Takamatsu Commercial High School in Kagawa in the 4th game on the 19th.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, two schools, Miyazaki Commercial Senior High School and Tohoku Gakuin School in Miyagi, have declined to participate in this tournament.