The European Championships in jumping will be decided in Riesenbeck, Germany, 1-5 September.

SVT strengthens its squad with a well-known face, who has a World Cup silver on the merit list.

"Want to explain the sport from within"

Star rider Fredrik Jönsson is ready to make his entrance as an expert on the television screen during the European Championships, and contribute with his solid experience.

- It will be exciting and fun with new challenges.

It is clear that I would have liked to have competed, but now I look forward to explaining our sport from the inside properly.

I can have some "inside information" and want to convey our sport both to the die-hard fans, but also to those who are not.

"The selection is completely natural"

The national team captain Henrik Ankarcrona has selected five riders for the European Championships, where Peder Fredricson is the only name from the Olympic gold team.

Other names are Douglas Lindelöw, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli and Evelina Tovek.

That only one of the gold medalists from Tokyo is included is completely logical, SVT's newly-baked expert explains.

- It is completely natural and depends on the horses.

Peder simply has more good horses.

Due to the pandemic, the Olympics and the European Championships ended up too close to each other, and therefore the team selection is completely natural, says Fredrik Jönsson.

How do you see the Swedish medal chances?

- Sweden has a great team and good medal chances.

The Swedish team will go to the European Championships with the goal of winning a medal.

New chapter after grief

Together with the horse Cold Play, Fredrik Jönsson took part and took a team silver in the WC 2018 and they became the best Swedish team individually.

The plan was for the duo to take part in the Olympics in Tokyo, but that dream came true when the championship horse broke its leg in March and they were forced to be killed.

- The feelings go up and down a bit and sometimes there is a bit of sadness.

Jönsson has tested a large number of horses since last spring.

He is still looking for potential star horses, but has found one that holds the measure.

- I have chosen Conrad, and the future will show if it was the right choice.

Who knows, maybe we will compete at the European Championships 2023, says Fredrik Jönsson.

SVT will make a major investment in equestrian sports in the future and will also broadcast the European Championships in dressage and field competition.

Clip: After the Olympic gold - Fredricson looks towards the European Championships

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Peder Fredricson.

Photo: Bildbyrån