Today (19th), an invitation to the nightline to meet our proud Olympic national team, we will be with Jo Gu-ham, a national judo athlete who showed not only valuable medals but also the dignity of a true sportsman.

Q. After returning home from Tokyo…

How have you been?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: I am taking a break and treatment at the same time.

Thankfully, I'm having a lot of fun because they called me on various TV shows.]

Q. Men's Judo Heavyweight Medal

for the first time in

17 years...

How do you feel?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: Actually, Korean heavyweight athletes lack muscle strength or have some disadvantages in terms of physical condition compared to European athletes.

So, I thought that it would be good for Korean players, who have a slightly disadvantageous side compared to Europe, to see my game and have a little hope.]

Q. Preparations for the Tokyo Olympics… Do you think the feeling would be different?

[Gu-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: That's right. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, I think I really focused too much on the Olympic gold medal and didn't take care of myself. In fact, injury is one of my skills, but there was something I wasn't skilled at preparing for. So this Olympics is a medal as well as a medal, but I really tried my best to prepare without lacking in every aspect, and I think I really put a lot of effort not to get seriously injured.]

Q. Final 9 minutes and 30 seconds More than… Wasn't it hard?

[Gu-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: It was very difficult. But in fact, I was so focused on the match that I didn’t even know I had played that long, and when it was over, a lot of time had passed.]

Q. Raise the winner’s arm… Do you remember that time?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: Actually, such an action was not what I was thinking of, but at that moment I thought that I would have liked it like a wolf player if I won the gold medal. Wolf player was strong, and in that regard, I must say that I wanted to acknowledge Wolf player as a player, so I think that kind of behavior came out without me knowing.]

Q. After winning the semifinals… Did you really like it?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: Before the match with Portugal Fonseca, I had a strategy that I had in my own way. I came in with a strategy like that to move, but I think I was more than happy that the strategy I had envisioned came true.]

Q. A warm hug with the other player… Was it impressive?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: We are usually friendly. Actually, the Olympics are a competition where no one is really easy and everyone is aiming for a medal, so I would be really happy to win a medal, but I think it can be very difficult for athletes who don't win a medal. So I wanted to comfort you a little bit in that regard.]

Q. The opposing player who was holding his hand…

Did you seem caring?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: I thought that the referee would stop the match when I saw that Fonseca player had his hands cramped.

In that situation, I couldn't proceed.

But now the problem is that if the game time continues, it's actually against me.

Still, I think it was because I thought that I was not a judo fighter to attack in such a painful situation.]

Q. The captain of the Korean judo team…

A word to the players?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: If I had given a little more help as a captain, if I had given a lot of help, I might have gotten a little better performance. In fact, all judo athletes in Korea and athletes participating in the Olympics are actually athletes with skills that are not at all strange even if they win all medals.

It's a bit disappointing for the result, but as a captain, I think I'm always grateful to the players because all the players in Korea did their best.]

Q. Do you have any goals or wishes you want to achieve in the future?

[Goo-Ham Jo / National Judo Player of Korea: I was preparing for the Olympics while having a really hard time as the Olympics were postponed due to this corona crisis.

After that, the Korean Judo Association, my agency, KH Group, various families, and executives really helped me a lot and created a good environment for me to train.

I want to show a good side to such people, so my goal is to become a more advanced athlete in the next three years of the Olympics.]