Ung-Tae Jeon, who won the first medal in the modern pentathlon at the Tokyo Olympics, and Jin-Hwa Jeong, who placed 4th, told the story behind the historic race. It was the fruit of sweat that we ran together with one heart and luck.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-yeol.


Jeon Woong-tae and Jeong Jin-hwa, who shared the history of Korea's modern pentathlon together and embraced them passionately, live like brothers even outside the stadium,

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon national: I am not the only medalist… ]

[Jeongjinhwa / Modern Pentathlon National Team: I doenya look to walk again]?

[Jeonung state / Modern Pentathlon National Team: Sure, it's not the shop.

[Jeongjinhwa / Modern Pentathlon National team (? Did you first walked) ( Medal) for the first time]

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon: No, I gave it last time too]

I looked back on the hot race.

In horseback riding, I had to ride a horse that had previously had a fall accident or refused to jump over an obstacle, so the joy of completing it safely was even greater.

[Jeong Jin-hwa / Modern Pentagon National Team: I was so grateful to you and the horse, and I felt so fortunate, so I hit my head too hard without realizing it. Then I just got dizzy... .]

From the moment Jeon Woong-tae overtook Jeong Jin-hwa in the last laser run, the two players played with one mind.

[Jeon Woong-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: I ran (slightly increased the speed) with the feeling that Jinhua hyung told me to follow him...]

[Jeong Jin-hwa / Modern pentathlon national team: So I followed. I felt it... (Jeon Woong-tae) didn't go that fast when I passed it.]

Luck followed.

While the Czech player who started the last shot in 3rd place wasted 32 seconds trying to hit 5 shots, Jeon Woong-tae and Jeong Jin-hwa finished shooting in the 8th sec and climbed up to 3rd and 4th place, and they played a comeback drama together.

I was sweating 15 hours a day without anyone knowing, so


was a

lot of hard work.] He

said that he shed tears at this one word.

[Jeon Woong-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: I think I wanted that kind of word the most. It's the word we wanted to hear the most.]

And three years later in Paris, we promised each other that we would stand side by side on the podium.

[Jeon Woong-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: It is now the beginning. We look better and more interesting, please look'll show you a lot more attention and support.

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