For professional baseball, the suspension period of the official game due to the Tokyo Olympics has ended, and five night games have been played.

In the Pacific League, the leader Orix defeated Lotte.

This is the Pacific League.

Lotte vs. Orix, Orix won 6-3.

Orix took the lead with Sugimoto's No. 19 2 run in the 1st inning, Mune's 2 points timely in the 2nd inning, and Masataka Yoshida's No. 18 2 run in the 5th inning.

Starting pitcher Miyagi is the 10th win of both leagues with 2 goals in 6 innings.

Lotte was hit by starting pitcher Futaki.

Softbank vs. Nippon-Ham was won by Softbank 3-0.

Softbank took the lead with Yanagita's No. 23 2 run in the first inning, and expanded the lead with Matsuda's No. 11 solo in the third inning.

Starting pitcher Ishikawa has one hit in the middle of the 8th inning, a good pitcher with no runs, 4th win, and 3rd pitcher Iwasaki is the 4th save.

Nippon-Ham lacked vividness in throwing.

Seibu vs. Rakuten won 5-0.

Rakuten took the lead in the 2nd inning with Okoye's timely, 5th inning with Asamura's 2 points timely, and 8th inning with Tatsumi's timely.

Starting pitcher Kishi took 10 strikeouts and scored his fifth win with a good throw of one hit up to one out in eight innings.

Seibu wasn't enthusiastic about throwing.

This is the Central League.

In Hanshin vs. Hiroshima, Hiroshima won 9-3.

In the first inning, Kozono scored four points with Kozono's timely 3 base, and in the fifth inning, Noma expanded his lead with No. 2 solo.

Starting pitcher Daichi Ohsera scored his fourth win with one goal in the seventh inning.

Hiroshima is the first five consecutive wins of the season.

In Hanshin, starting pitcher Yuki Nishi failed to play a role with 5 goals in the 6th inning and lost 3 consecutive games.

Giants vs. Chunichi, the Giants won 4-2.

The giant scored a tie in the 8th inning of 1 to 2 with a pinch hitter, Wakabayashi's No. 4 solo, and won with Kazuma Okamoto's timely and Oshiro's timely 2 base.

The fourth pitcher, Sakurai, is the first victory of the season.

In the 7th inning, Viciedo's No. 15 2 run made a comeback, but he couldn't keep the lead and lost 4 consecutive games.