Within hours, Paris Saint-Germain officially presented its new star, Lionel Messi;

The "Argentine Magician" shirt number "30" has been sold out from the official stores of the Paris club.

Pictures and videos spread showing that Messi will wear the number “30” while he is with the Parisian club in the contract he signed and extends for two years, with a clause allowing the renewal of the contract for a third year.

And the number "10" - which has been associated for more than a decade with the Argentine magician - is worn - in Saint Germain - by the Brazilian star Neymar, a friend of Messi, as the latter chose the number "30", which is the first number he wore in his first matches with the Barca team.

Going back, we recall that Messi wore the number "30" in his early years with Barcelona (2004-2006) and then the number "19" (2006-2008) before he wore the number "10".

It is noteworthy that another Brasilia, Ronaldinho, was wearing the number "10" when Messi was in his infancy with Barcelona.

Ronaldinho (left) was wearing the number "10" with Barcelona when Messi was in his infancy (communication sites)

It seems that Messi wanted to launch a new phase of his football career;

That is why he decided to start it with a number in which he began his football career with Barca.

Regardless of the shirt number Messi (34 years) wears, he said, "I am excited to start a new chapter in my career at Paris Saint-Germain. Everything about the club matches my footballing ambitions. I realize how talented the team and the technical staff are here. I am determined to help in Building something special for the club and the fans, and I'm looking forward to getting out on the pitch at Princes Park."