Ansan, who won three gold medals in archery at the Tokyo Olympics, started the professional baseball pitch. He was coached by pitcher Ahn's favorite national team ace KIA Eui-ri Lee.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.

<Reporter> The

two emerged as superstars through the Tokyo Olympics, but their first greeting was a bit awkward.

[Ansan/Olympic archery triumph: Hello.]

[Lee Ui-ri/National Baseball Team: Hello.]

19-year-old rookie Lee Ui-ri was nervous because it was the first time to map a pitch.

[Lee Eui-ri/National Baseball Team: What are you doing first?] As the

lesson begins in earnest, his expression softens.

[Objection Lee / Baseball National team (?) So here grips do surface, grasp]

[Anshan / 3 gold medals in Olympic archery: Like this]

[its Li / Baseball National Team: And some such similar haves little bow shooting stance so ( ?) You can do it.]

Ansan's skills are also improving at the national ace's 'tweezers advice'.

[Lee Ui-ri/National Baseball Team: You can throw it with your finger.]

[Ansan/Olympic Archery 3 Crowns: Oh~ Yes.]

[Ansan/Olympic Archery


3-Winners: Ha ha ha ha]

[Lee Ui-ri/ National Baseball Team: You throw well ?]

Ansan, who appeared on the mound amid the enthusiastic cheers of fans who even prepared a uniform with her name engraved on it, received applause once again with a powerful first pitch while her mother appeared as a hitter at the plate.

While Ansan is cheering hotly from the crowd, KIA is aiming for an eighth win in six years by taking the lead over Hanwha.


Kim Hyun-soo, the captain of the national team, who shed tears at the Tokyo Olympics, shot his first home run after returning to his team LG and smiled broadly. 

(Video editing: Oh Young-taek, CG: Kang Yu-ra, Seo Hyun-joong, Han Jeong-woo, Kang Kyung-rim)