With a seventh place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Netherlands has the highest final ranking ever recorded in the medal table at a Summer Games.

So far, eighth place was the best performance ever of the Orange team.

With ten gold medals, the Netherlands has won just as many Olympic titles in Tokyo as France, Germany and Italy, but 'Team NL' grabbed more silver medals (twelve) than Germany (eleven) and Italy (ten) and keeps France behind on the basis of the number of bronze plaques (fourteen to eleven).

So far, eighth place at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam and the 2000 Games in Sydney was the Netherlands' best finish in the medal standings.

It is also the first time that the Netherlands is ahead of Germany in the medal table.

The Netherlands broke its own medal record by winning 36 places in Tokyo.

The old record was 25 medals, which was achieved during the Games in Sydney.

The Netherlands reached that number four days before the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Although many disciplines have been added to the Olympic program in the past 21 years and therefore more medals to be awarded, the Tokyo Summer Games are also relatively more successful than those in Sydney.

The Netherlands won 3.3 percent of the 1,081 medals in Tokyo, compared to 2.7 percent in Sydney (827 medals).

Only the Amsterdam Games were more successful (5.8 percent).

Tokyo Olympic Games medal mirror (gold-silver-bronze):

  • 1. United States - 39-41-33 (113)

  • 2. China - 38-32-18 (88)

  • 3. Japan - 14/27/17 (58)

  • 4. Great Britain 22-21-22 (65)

  • 5. Russia 20-28-23 (71)

  • 6. Australia 7/17/22 (46)

  • 7. Netherlands 10-12-14 (36)

  • 8. France 10-12-11 (33)

  • 9. Germany 10-11-16 (37)

  • 10. Italy 10-10-20 (40)

America wins medal ranking again

The United States can call itself the best country at the Summer Olympics for the third time in a row.

On the final day in Tokyo, America captured gold in volleyball (women), basketball (women) and track cycling (Jennifer Valente, omnium) and thus surpassed China in the medal standings.

With 39 Olympic titles, 'Team USA' won one gold medal more than China.

In total, America took 113 medals, eight less than five years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

Then many more gold medals were won (46).

In the past 25 years, America has only failed to win the medal standings once.

At the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, host country China was the best country with 51 gold medals.

The United States then won many more medals (112 to 100), but considerably fewer Olympic titles (36 to 48).

The Tokyo Summer Games came to an end on Sunday with the water polo final between Serbia and Greece.

Serbia captured the last gold medal in the Japanese capital by winning the final battle 13-10.

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