There were a lot of exceptionally shining morning stars in this Olympics. In addition, the fighting spirit of the elders harmonized and gave a deep impression, but it heralded a natural generational change through harmony between the old and the new.

Reporter Kwon Jong-oh looked back.


[Kim Je-deok / Archery 2 Winner: Korea Fighting!] The

youngest members of the world's strongest archery were the youngest.

17-year-old Kim Je-deok won her first gold medal with 20-year-old Ansan, and in the men's team event,

[Kim Je-duk / Archery 2 Winner: Oh Jin-hyuk Fighting!]

He collaborated with the 40-year-old eldest brother to create a gold medal, and

[Oh Jin-hyuk / Archery Gold Medalist: The End] .]

[Kim Je-duk / Archery Double Winner: (How do you feel about the gold medal?) I would describe it as a refreshing taste of cider as much as I prepared.]

Ansan wrote a new history of winning the first three gold medals in a single Summer Olympics.

[Ansan / Archery 3

Crowns: Wow, my

heart is going to explode.]

Starting with the 38-year-old swordsman Kim Jeong-hwan's showering and the youngest swordsman Oh Sang-wook finished the saber team event, Korean fencing won five medals in harmony with the old and the new. .

The morning stars of Korean gymnastics flew up with a chopping board.

19-year-old Seo-jeong Yeo took the first medal in women's gymnastics, and 23-year-old Shin Jae-hwan won the gold medal for the first time in 9 years, leading the generation change.

[Shin Jae-hwan/Men's Vaulting Gold Medalist: Wow, it was all like this. (How does it feel?) It is heavy.]

Hwang Seon-woo, 18, who became a swimming star by setting a new Asian record in the 100m freestyle, Yu-bin Shin, a hope of table tennis, Yu-bin, 17, and Seo Chae-hyeon, a rock genius, 18 years old. In the middle, Hak-seon Yang, the 'god of the chopping board', who overcame an injury, and Dae-hoon Lee, who could not get rid of the gold medal in the third appearance, said goodbye to the Olympics.

In the midst of joy and disappointment, Korean sports saw a new hope here in Tokyo.

Taegeuk warriors are now running vigorously toward the Paris Olympics in three years.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, video editing: Lee Jeong-taek)