In the finals of the Tokyo Olympics and rhythmic gymnastics groups, Japan made a series of big mistakes in the second "Hoop Club" and scored 29.750, which is lower than the qualifying.

As a result, Japan ranked 8th with a total of 72.500 for the second event.

The gold medal was Bulgaria, which marked 92.100, the silver medal was the Russian Olympic Committee, and the bronze medal was Italy.

Almost no medals for strengthening training camps for a year

Fairy Japan, the representative of Japan for the rhythmic gymnastics group, has taken long-term strengthening measures to spend most of the year in the training camp, but did not win the medal that it was aiming for.

As a rhythmic gymnastics group, Japan has embarked on full-scale strengthening in the wake of missing the right to participate in the 2004 Athens Olympics, and has been strengthening by forming a selection team since 2006.

The selection team regularly auditioned to select promising young players from all over the country, and intensively held training camps throughout the year.

In addition to inviting a rhythmic gymnastics powerhouse and a Russian coach, we have also signed contracts with major cosmetics companies to improve makeup and other activities in order to enhance the expressiveness and beauty of rhythmic gymnastics.

Currently, the team is instructed by Hiroko Yamazaki, general manager of the strengthening division, who won the 8th place overall at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. It has led to level up.

At the 2017 World Championships, six members, led by captain Sayuri Sugimoto, showed a breathtaking performance, and the bronze medal, which is the first medal in 42 years since the silver medal in 1975, was a group synthesis that is also an Olympic event. It showed great growth, such as winning.

Since the upper limit of the difficulty of the technique to be incorporated into the performance was abolished in 2018, we worked to raise the overall difficulty of the performance composition in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics, and at the World Cup in April 2019, Russia, which has won the Olympics for the fifth consecutive time, I defeated and won the championship.

In addition, at the World Championships of the same year, he won a silver medal in the overall group of the Olympic events, a gold medal in the "ball" and a silver medal in the "hoop club" by the event of the group that is not held in the Olympics.

Before the Tokyo Olympics, Sugimoto said, "Many of the world's top teams have incorporated a lot of techniques. Japan must take care of doing things more beautifully and accurately. I want to act to express with my body. "

However, in the qualifying held on the 7th, both "ball" and "hoop club" made big mistakes and advanced to the final on the 8th in 7th place in the qualifying.