After the last Olympics, 'Volleyball Empress' Kim Yeon-kyung became an icon of an era beyond a sports star. Now, he said that he wanted to rest for a while while putting down the heavy burden of the Taegeuk mark.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.


Kim Yeon-kyung taped her knees and thighs and flew to the end, forgetting the pain.

Although he lost, Kim Yeon-kyung congratulated the winner and showed the dignity of the captain.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball National Team: It was a strong opponent, and we talked about doing something we could do more... . I think it's unfortunate.] In

2005, when Kim Yeon-kyung made her professional debut at the age of 17, women's volleyball was an unpopular sport that was treated as an opening game for men's matches.

Kim Yeon-kyung's appearance changed everything.

Growing up as the best striker in the world, he led the championship by playing overseas, and also raised the international competitiveness of the national team.

It has become an icon of an era that is loved by the people all over the world for its confident and fighting personality, gestures, and leadership on a different level.

By raising the popularity of women's volleyball to the level of professional baseball, it even changed the game of professional sports.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball National Team: It was so much fun to be able to play volleyball with a lot of interest while receiving support from many people like a dream. Thank you so much.]

The hope of the volleyball empress who finished the 16-year journey of the great national team was simple.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball Team: I want to take a break. I really want to go to a restaurant outside and just eat

normally and

be with my family.]

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-jun, Video editing: Ha Seong-won)