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Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Menno Waebeke and I will keep you informed of all developments at the Olympic Games.

Lots of fun!

  • Fifteenth day

  • Sensational silver for relay men

  • Hassan takes gold at 10,000 meters

  • Büchli out on keirin

  • Jumping riders grab next to bronze

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full program here

Football a few seconds ago


Brazil beat Spain 2-1 in extra time with a late goal by Malcolm and extend their Olympic title.

Anthony was of great value to the Brazilians with an assist on the second goal.

Spain has to settle for silver.

Yesterday, Mexico won the battle for bronze 3-1 against host country Japan.

a few seconds ago

Football a few seconds ago

Meanwhile, the tension is about to cut in the men's football final between Brazil and Spain.

It is 2-1 and we are in the second half of extra time.

Anthony started in the starting line-up for Brazil.

He provided an assist to Malcolm's 2-1 in the 109th minute.

There are still ten minutes to play.

Athletics a few seconds ago

Bonevacia: 'We have made history'

The relay men sensationally ran for silver in the 4x400 meters.

Afterwards, Liemarvin Bonevacia is naturally happy.

"This is really a dream, we have made history here. I have no words for it. We were very well prepared and this is the culmination of our year."

Terrence Agard struggled with injuries last season but ran a fantastic 400m.

"This year I literally experienced blood, sweat and tears. If you had told me on January 1 that we would take silver here, I would have said you were crazy. Everything is possible, it starts with believing."

Athletics a few seconds ago

Sifan Hassan took her third medal at these Games today.

Look at the images here!


Watch Hassan's mighty final sprint to her second gold here

Athletics a few seconds ago

Hassan: 'I can finally just go to sleep'

Sifan Hassan took a fantastic gold medal in the 10,000 meters earlier today.

"Just before the heat of the 5,000 meters I pulled my thigh", she looked

 back on her first performance

at the 



"I was under so much stress that I cried. I really thought I wouldn't be able to walk."

Still, she had no hesitation in changing her ambitious Olympic plans.

"I said I was going to run three distances and I had to live up to that. I have now done that. I'm so glad it's done and over. It's over now and I can finally go to sleep."

Athletics 8 minutes ago

The results of the historic final on the 4x400 meters for men: 

  • United States - 2.55.70 minutes

  • Netherlands - 2.57.18 NR

  • Botswana - 2.57.27

  • Belgium - 2.57.88

  • Poland - 2.58.46

  • Jamaica - 2.58.76

  • Italy - 2.58.81

  • Trinidad and Tobago - 3.00.85

  • 8 minutes ago

    Athletics 19 minutes ago

    Silver for the Netherlands! 

    What an incredible performance by the Dutch relay men!

    They were the very last to advance to this Olympic final, but against all odds take the silver in Tokyo!

    A great race from all four runners, the relay women join in the celebration.

    The United States takes the gold.

    Bayapo Ndori of Botswana is overtaken in the last meters by the Dutch Ramsey Angela and has to settle for bronze.

    Athletics 20 minutes ago

    The Netherlands is still in third place, can Ramsey Angela hold out?

    How exciting is this!

    Athletics 21 minutes ago

    The Netherlands is in third place!

    Tony van Diepen passes the baton to the final runner Ramsey Angela.

    Athletics 21 minutes ago

    Bonevacia got off to a great start, now it's up to Terrence Agard.

    The Netherlands is currently fourth!

    Athletics 22 minutes ago


    Liemarvin Bonevacia has started the Olympic final in the 4x400 meter relay.

    Can the men surpass the sixth place of the relay women?

    22 minutes ago

    Athletics 30 minutes ago

    We will continue straight away with the relay men.

    Liemarvin Bonevacia was rested in the series, but replaces Jochem Dobber in this final.

    The other three men are Terrence Agard, Tony van Diepen and Ramsey Angela.

    This is the start list of the final on the 4x400 meters for men: 

    • Track 2: Netherlands

    • Lane 3: Italy

    • Lane 4: United States

    • Lane 5: Jamaica

    • Lane 6: Poland

    • Lane 7: Botswana

    • Lane 8: Trinidad and Tobago

    • Lane 9: Belgium

    Athletics 34 minutes ago

    The results of the 4x400 meter relay in the women: 

  • United States - 3.16.85 minutes

  • Poland - 3.20.53

  • Jamaica - 3.21.24

  • Canada - 3.21.84

  • Great Britain - 3.22.59

  • Netherlands - 3.23.74 NR 

  • Belgium - 3.23.96

  • Cuba - 3.26.92

  • Athletics 42 minutes ago

    The Netherlands is sixth!

    Femke Bol again runs a fantastic 400 meters, but the gap with the other countries was already too great.

    The relay women do run a national record in 3.23.74.

    The United States takes the gold by force majeure, Poland comes second.

    Athletics 43 minutes ago

    Lisanne de Witte passed the baton well to her sister Laura.

    She has to keep up with the rest.

    The last runner for the Netherlands is the woman in shape, Femke Bol.

    Athletics 44 minutes ago

    The Netherlands in the provisional third place, it is now up to Lisanne de Witte!

    44 minutes ago

    Athletics 1 hour ago


    Lieke Klaver has left.

    Can the relay women stunt with a medal?

    Athletics 1 hour ago

    The relay women are for the first time ever in an Olympic final in the 4x400 meters.

    For the Netherlands, Lieke Klaver, Lisanne de Witte, Laura de Witte and Femke Bol have to do it.

    This is the starting list: 

    • Track 2: Netherlands

    • Lane 3: Canada

    • Lane 4: Poland

    • Lane 5: Jamaica

    • Lane 6: Cuba

    • Lane 7: United States

    • Lane 8: Belgium 

    • Lane 9: Great Britain

    Olympic Games 1 hour ago

    The relay teams will conclude this Olympic Saturday in just over half an hour.

    Both teams will have to rise above themselves for a medal: 

    • 2.30 pm: women, 4x400 meter relay (Lieke Klaver, Lisanne de Witte, Laura de Witte and Femke Bol) 

    • 2.50 pm: men, 4x400 meters relay (Liemarvin Bonevacia, Terrence Agard, Tony van Diepen and Ramsey Angela)

    Horseback Riding 2 hours ago

    In the end, the Dutch show jumping riders just missed out on a bronze medal.

    Marc Houtzager, Harrie Smolders and Maikel van der Vleuten finish fourth.

    Top favorite France is disqualified in the last run and as a result Sweden and the United States end in a tie for first place.

    The countries will decide in a decisive jump-off who will take the gold.

    The Belgian riders take a nice bronze.

    Horseback Riding 2 hours ago

    Maikel van der Vleuten and his horse Beauville Z hit the beam twice and received eight penalty points.

    The Dutch show jumping riders are still in first place for the time being, but will finish just outside the medals in this final.

    2 hours ago

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    What makes Sifan Hassan's performance even more special is that the athlete has reportedly been walking around the entire Olympics with a leg injury.

    It didn't bother the Dutch in this exciting final.

    After the finish, Hassan is exhausted on the ground and she even receives medical assistance.

    She had to go very deep for this gold medal.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    The results of the final in the 10,000 meters for women: 

  • Sifan Hassan - 29.55.32 minutes 

  • Kalkidan Gezahegne (Bah) - 29.56.18 

  • Letesenbet Gidey (Eth) - 30.01.72

  • Hellen Obiri (Ken) - 30.24.27

  • Francine Niyonsaba (Bur) - 30.41.93

  • Athletics 2 hours ago

    Hassan takes gold! 

    What an otherworldly achievement by Sifan Hassan.

    In addition to the gold in the 5,000 meters and the bronze in the 1,500 meters, she also takes the gold in the 10,000 meters!

    She accelerates in the last 200 meters and thereby frees Gidey.

    Gezahegne seems to be able to keep up for a while, but then Hassan accelerates again and she runs for the gold medal with force majeure.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    400 meters to go - 

    Gidey speeds up!

    Hassan seems to get along well and tries to get past it.

    What a denouement!

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    1,000 meters to go - 

    It is incredibly exciting in this 10,000 meters final.

    The three women seem very evenly matched.

    It will be decided in the very last kilometer.

    Does Hassan have another gear in his legs?

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 2,000 meters - 

    Obiri from Kenya has finally been released from the leading group.

    There are still three women in the race for a gold medal: the Ethiopian Letsenbet Gidey, the Bahraini Kalkidan Gezahegne and our own Sifan Hassan.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 3,000 meters - 

    Hassan moves up to second place and is still very relaxed.

    But you can also say the same about the Ethiopian Gidey.

    Obiri and Gezahegne have a harder time now.

    A medal certainly seems to be in it for Sifan Hassan, but which color?

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 4,000 meters

    - Four women seem to be distributing the medals.

    Top favorite Gidey has been leading the leading group with a blistering pace for many laps, behind that Obiri, Hassan and Gezahegne are still very good.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 5,000 meters

    - Susan Krumins gets out of the competition!

    The Dutch has too much trouble with her Achilles tendon.

    Sifan Hassan is still on track for a medal.

    She moves up every kilometer and is now in third place.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 6,000 meters -

    It is now getting faster in the leading group.

    Sifan Hassan walks attentively and moves up to fifth place, she seems to be able to follow the pace easily for the time being.

    Horseback Riding 2 hours ago

    Due to the good performance of Harrie Smolders, the Netherlands has moved up to fifth place in the Nations Cup.

    With a clear race by bronze medalist Maikel van der Vleuten, there is still a medal for the showjumping riders.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 7,000 meters - 

    Hassan is still in good shape in the large leading group.

    Susan Krumins is having a hard time and has to let the fifteen leaders go.

    Athletics 2 hours ago

    Another 8,000 meters - 

    Sifan Hassan moves forward well.

    She is now just behind her big competitor Gidey, in seventh place.

    Athletics 2 hours ago


    Sifan Hassan and Susan Krumins have started the final in the 10,000 meters.

    Both women take their place in the back of the large group.

    Hassan seems to be returning to her familiar tactics.

    Athletics 3 hours ago

    Sifan Hassan will start the final of the 10,000 meters in five minutes.

    Hassan already won gold in the 5,000 meters and bronze in the 1,500 meters at these Games.

    It would be an incredible achievement to take a medal in three different events.

    Her biggest competitor is Letesenbet Gidey from Ethiopia.

    She improved Hassan's world record on June 8 of this year in Hengelo.

    In addition to Hassan, Susan Krumins also runs this Olympic final for the Netherlands.

    Horseback riding 3 hours ago

    Harrie Smolders is flawless!

    At his first appearance at these Olympic Games, reserve Harrie Smolders drove clear and within the time.

    Smolders thus personally drives the Dutch team back to the medal race on his horse Bingo du Parc.

    Horseback riding 3 hours ago

    The first run is over for all ten countries.

    In the Netherlands it will soon be Harrie Smolders' turn.

    The Dutch show jumping riders are provisionally seventh.

    But with two riders to go, anything is possible.

    Horseback riding 3 hours ago

    Marc Houtzager starts clear, but leaves it on his horse Dante at the last obstacles.

    However, the Netherlands scores better than Argentina with 82.43 seconds and nine penalty points and is currently in the lead.

    However, eight countries are still in action.

    Soon it will also be the turn of Harrie Smolders and Maikel van der Vleuten.

    Horseback riding 3 hours ago

    The show jumpers have started the final of the Nations Cup.

    The Netherlands will soon be the second in action.

    Marc Houtzager will kick off for the Dutch on his horse Dante.

    Horseback Riding 4 hours ago

    At 12.00 the Dutch show jumping riders start the final of the Nations Cup.

    Maikel van der Vleuten, Marc Houtzager and Harrie Smolders will try to win a medal for the Netherlands.

    Van der Vleuten previously won bronze in the individual tournament at these Games.

    Track Cycling 4 hours ago

    Braspennincx loses!

    The German Emma Hinze is way too strong for Shanne Braspennincx.

    The Olympic champion on the keirin is out of the sprint tournament.

    Track Cycling 4 hours ago

    Shanne Braspennincx starts her second race in the quarterfinals on the sprint.

    She lost the first race to the German Emma Hinze.

    Braspennincx therefore has to win to have a chance at the semi-finals and therefore the medals.

    Track Cycling 4 hours ago

    The results of the men's pairing race: 

  • Denmark (Mørkøv/Hansen) - 43 points

  • Great Britain (Hayter/Walls) - 40 points

  • Frankrijk (Thomas/Grondin) - 40 punten
  • België (De Ketele/Ghys) - 32 punten
  • Nederland (Van Schip/Havik) - 17 punten
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