On the 8th, the final day of the Tokyo Olympics, Japan will be the first basketball girl to play a gold medal against the United States, which has won the tournament for the sixth consecutive time.

With the motto "Everyone basketball", Japan quickly connects to attacks from defense using feet, and sticks to a unique style that thoroughly aims for three-point shooting, defeating the top teams in the world ranking one after another, until the final for the first time through men and women. I won.

Point guard Rui Machida, the starting point of the attack, marked a double assist in all games and broke the Olympic record with 18 assists in the semi-final against France.

Furthermore, the success rate of the three-point shot of the team's weapon has exceeded 40% so far, and it is the top among all teams.

Gold medal for the 6th consecutive Olympic Games in the United States

The United States, which challenges in the final, is ranked first in the world ranking.

With 54 consecutive victories in the Olympics, he boasts overwhelming strength with gold medals in six consecutive tournaments.

Aja Wilson, who is 1 meter and 93 centimeters tall, is a scoring maker who won the MVP last season in the American Women's Professional League, WNBA. It is complete.

Japan also played in the qualifying league and lost by 17 points, but the players have vowed to win with "playing revenge and gold medal".

The featured final will start at 11:30 am.