She didn't enjoy her sport and wondered if she would ever enjoy it again.

Less than two years later, Anouk Vetter (28) enjoyed two days of all-around at the Tokyo Games and captured Olympic silver.

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"I went hard here," Vetter described it at the time in Doha.

Not literally.

She was neatly sixth in the all-around and only had to run the 800 meters for Olympic qualification, but she couldn't take it anymore.

"I don't want to be unhappy on the track."

Two years later, after her silver all-around in Tokyo, her first tears came when she remembered that evening in Doha in early October 2019.

"Then I suddenly realized where I come from. If you write a book, this is the ending you want. A dream scenario."

It was thought that she might stop, but it ended up being a long break.

After the World Cup, she traveled alone through Sri Lanka, learned to surf and talked a lot with friends, family and a psychologist.

And meanwhile those dark days of Doha were getting further and further behind her.

"The special thing is that I hardly remember anything about Doha now," Vetter said in Tokyo on Thursday.

"It's amazing how the brain works. But I do know that the difference between Doha and Tokyo is huge."


Vetter in Doha: 'I went hard on my mouth'

'It flew by'

Vetter loves her sport again.

The winner of European Championship gold (2016) and World Cup bronze (2018) learned during her break that it should not be about the end result.

"I sometimes call this my second career. A bit for fun, but that's how it really feels. I experience my sport very differently."

In Doha she dragged herself from part to part, not happy with a good throw or jump.

"But I enjoyed Tokyo here. A

shit camp

lasts an eternity, it flew by here. Suddenly I was on the 800 meters."

She didn't want to talk about medals in interviews between the parts, even when Vetter was at the top of the standings after the first four parts.

"Yes, sorry. Maybe I'm a bit boring. When I see myself again, I think: what are you in your own bubble. Don't pay attention to competitors, don't think about medals, but just perform every part technically as well as possible. That I like it. And I enjoy that."


Vetter and Oosterwegel in tears after silver and bronze all-around final

'Keep your head up'

And even if she didn't say it, in the course of the heptathlon Vetter - who knows that she should not think about the end result - got hope for a medal.

"After day one I knew: Anouk, keep your wits about you. This is the moment when dreams can come true."

On Thursday she almost set a personal best in the long jump, after which she lost her first place in the javelin throw due to a lesser performance.

In the 800 meters - by far her least popular part - she then held on and secured silver behind Nafissatou Thiam.

The bronze went to training buddy and roommate Emma Oosterwegel.

"When I looked at the scoreboard with Emma, ​​it took me a long time to believe it. What happened? was all I said. Then came the tears. And the pride. I have an Olympic medal. It's happy end."


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