The Japan National Baseball Team at the Tokyo Olympics will face the United States in the final on the 7th for the first gold medal in the official competition.

The players adjusted at the stadium in Tokyo, and Atsunori Inaba said, "I have a mixture of tension and excitement. I will do my best to play baseball as before without regrets."

Japan defeated South Korea in the semi-finals on the 4th and decided to advance to the final for the first time in 25 years since the 1996 Atlanta Games. Play against.

The players practiced for about 2 hours at the stadium in Ota-ku, Tokyo from 6 pm on the 6th, and prepared for the 7th by receiving knocks and batting.

In addition, the starting pitchers of both teams in the final were announced, and Japan became pitcher Nobuhito Morishita, 23 years old of professional baseball Hiroshima, and the United States became pitcher Nick Martinez, who has won seven wins this season at Softbank.

Pitcher Morishita will be pitched in the 6th day of the second round of the qualifying league, where he won the game with 2 goals in the 5th inning.

Pitcher Morishita said, "I want to live up to my expectations as long as I'm in charge. There is pressure to win, but I want to get angry as long as I go up to the mound. I want to make it. "

Inaba has a policy of having all pitchers other than pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who started in the semi-finals, stand by in relief, and has expressed his intention to keep the batting order unchanged.

Director Inaba said, "There is a mixture of tension and excitement. I think it's important to have the same fighting style as before, creating a rhythm from the pitcher-centered defense and connecting everyone to win. I will do my best not to regret it. "

Ryoji Kuribayashi "If you can compete with your feelings"

Ryoji Kuribayashi, who is in charge of holding down this tournament, said, "I feel like I'm going to win a gold medal. I think it's the power of the whole team that has come so far, not just the players, but the staff and relationships. There were a lot of people who did it and I was able to advance to the final. I would like to prepare well when I get up to the mound so that I can give back to those people. "

He said, "I think I'll throw at the end of the 9th inning, so pitching according to the situation is the most important. It doesn't matter if I'm not feeling well or if I come here. ..

On top of that, "I was able to be selected because it was postponed for one year, so I hope I can contribute to the team by winning the gold medal here. In the last race, I will use my strength 100% and contribute to the victory of the team. I want to do it. "

Tetsuto Yamada "Tension is stronger than ever"

Tetsuto Yamada, who is leading the tournament as the number one batter, such as hitting a timely 2 base hit in the semi-final, said frankly that "the tension is stronger than ever" before the final. Did.

He said about the United States to play against, "Of course, the ability is high, and the United States has the power and speed that Japan is aiming for, so I can't help myself. I think it will be a good match that I don't know which one will win."

He also hit a home run with 3 hits in 3 at bats against Nick Martinez, a pitcher of professional baseball and Softbank, who was announced as the starting pitcher in the United States.

About Martinez, he said, "The ball is fast and has good control. I'm impressed that the changing ball is a good pitcher that bends sharply. I know the trajectory to some extent. I want to remember that and devise countermeasures."

He said, "It's best to win the gold medal, but I'll do my best because it will be the last match for this member to fight so that I won't have any regrets."

Takuya Kai "Unprecedented unique atmosphere"

Takuya Kai, a catcher who has a strong presence in offense and defense at this tournament, said before the final, "It's a unique atmosphere that has never been seen before tomorrow's everything is decided."

Regarding the measures to be taken against the United States, he said, "I can't talk deeply here, but I'll come up with various measures tomorrow. I've been fighting once, so I want to think hard."

Also, regarding pitcher Nick Martinez, a professional baseball / softbank teammate who was announced as the starting pitcher in the United States, "There is no doubt that he is a good pitcher. I want to win. That's all I want to win. "

He said, "Sports have something to convey. I think that many people will see it, so I hope it will be delivered firmly, and I want to convey my thoughts to children. I have believed that baseball has that kind of power, so I came here. I want to show that kind of feeling. "