Linn Blohm has been one of the players who has excelled this Olympics for Sweden.

In the semifinals, she had to leave the match with 20 minutes left after going on three two-minute suspensions.

Something that took extra hard.

- It's terribly heavy.

Above all, that I was not allowed to participate and complete the match.

Sitting on the side and watching was awkward.

It is the worst thing you can experience in a semifinal when you want to help the team, she says to Discovery +.

It was a clearly disappointed Blohm who got to follow the decision from the side.

- I feel that I want to be on the plane and help the girls.

It feels awful to sit outside and watch the girls struggle to take this home, she continues.

Now a bronze match awaits Linn Blohm and Sweden.

It is played on Sunday and then you meet the loser in the semifinal between Norway and the Russian Olympic Committee team (ROK).

CLIP: Handball ladies to quarterfinals - face Brazil (July 31)

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Swedish cheers after the handball ladies' victory against Brazil.

Photo: BildbyrÄn