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women's volleyball team will meet again with Brazil, the world's 2nd place, in the semi-final tonight (6th). We lost in the group stage, but today's result could be quite different. Our players vowed to make a new history in advancing to the finals.

Ha Sung-ryong is a reporter from Tokyo.


Kim Yeon-kyung said to the juniors as she started the final training before the decisive battle.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball National Team: Don't think that there are 3 days left, but only see one day tomorrow.]

[Kim Su-ji/ Women's Volleyball National Team: Only one day alive.]

Even after two hours of training in a bright and pleasant atmosphere, players voluntarily He went to training, and Kim Yeon-kyung continued to raise the mood even when she was hoarse.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball National Team: I'm dying to die because I've been saying a lot about putting everything on in the semifinals. I will scream and run hard even if my throat bleeds.]

We lost to our semifinal opponent, the world's second-ranked Brazil, 3-0 in the first group stage match, but the atmosphere is different now.

From the match against the Dominican Republic, which was the first hurdle of advancing to the quarterfinals,

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball National Team: Let's do it, let's do it, don't regret it.] The

fateful Korea-Japan match, and the quarterfinals against Turkey.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / National Women's Volleyball Team: Calmly, Calmly Hana]

At every moment of crisis, they unite and win all five sets of bloody battles, and their organizational power and atmosphere are on the rise.

Lavarini, a former Brazilian professional coach who currently has five students in the Brazilian national team, showed confidence that he had finished analyzing his power.

[Lavarini / Women's Volleyball Team Manager: We gave our team players the analysis information of Brazilian players. We have to play smart because we have to react to the situation.] The

increasingly strong national team now has only one win left to medal.

If you pour out everything until the end like now, your dream will come true.