Sakura Yosozumi, who won the gold medal at the women's park of the new competition skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics, and Kaishinna, who won the silver medal and became the youngest Japanese player at the age of 12, held a press conference. , Talked about joy.

At the women's skateboarding park held on the 4th, 19-year-old Sakura Yosozumi won a gold medal and 12-year-old Kai won a silver medal. And won the silver medal at the same time.

On the 5th, the day after dawn, the two of them had a press conference together.

Mr. Yosumi said about the gold medal, "It feels like a dream and I haven't realized it yet."

Regarding the stage of the Olympic Games, he said, "I know it's a bigger event than usual, but I wasn't too nervous. I just thought about doing my own routine."

When asked what kind of existence skateboarding is for me, he answered, "I really love it and I want to ride it 24 hours a day, so I'm like a boyfriend."

As for the future, I was looking forward to my next goal, "I want to enjoy skateboarding as before and go to the Paris Olympics."

On the other hand, Kai, who won the medal at the age of 12, the youngest Japanese player in history, said, "I don't really feel at all because the Olympics are over soon. I told you.

Kai talked about skateboarding as "an important treasure," and when asked what he wanted to do now, he said, "I want to go play with my skateboarding friends in Hokkaido."

After that, he said about his future goals, "I want to be the coolest player in the world at the Paris Olympics."