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  • Day fourteen:

  • LIVE Track Cycling

  • 10.55 am: Jan-Willem van Schip (FINAL, omnium, points race)

  • Braspennincx phenomenal to gold on keirin

  • Weertman cannot extend title

  • Meerkampsters do good business

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Track cycling a few seconds ago

Shanne Braspennincx: 'This title will stay in the Netherlands'

Shanne Braspennincx wins the final of the women's keirin in a fantastic way.

Afterwards she can hardly contain it in front of the




"When I crossed the line I thought, what have I done. I'm just an Olympic champion. I don't remember what exactly happened, I really don't understand it. Today I tried to ride on instinct and then you see what happened. This title will remain in the Netherlands," laughs Braspennincx.

a few seconds ago

Track Cycling 6 minutes ago

The results of the women's keirin final: 

  • Shanne Braspennincx 

  • Ellesse Andrews (Nze)

  • Lauriane Nest (Can)

  • Olena Starikova (Uk)

  • Kelsey Mitchell (Can)

  • Liubov Basova (Uk)

  • Track Cycling 12 minutes ago

    Gold Braspennincx! 

    What a fantastic race from Shanne Braspennincx!

    She starts early and lasts until the finish.

    She succeeds Elis Ligtlee as Olympic champion on the keirin.

    Track Cycling 14 minutes ago


    The women have started the final of the keirin, can Braspennincx take a medal?

    Track Cycling 21 minutes ago

    Shanne Braspennincx is getting ready for the final on the keirin, this is the start list:

  • Shanne Braspennincx 

  • Lauriane Nest (Can)

  • Kelsey Mitchell (Can)

  • Ellesse Andrews (Nze)

  • Liubov Basova (Uk)

  • Olena Starikova (Uk)

  • Track Cycling 27 minutes ago

    Harrie Lavreysen outclasses the reigning Olympic champion Jason Kenny and, like Hoogland, goes to the semi-finals in the sprint.

    The two Dutchmen can only meet in the final.

    The Netherlands can certainly add a new medal.

    27 minutes ago

    Track Cycling 30 minutes ago

    Jeffrey Hoogland also wins his second race convincingly from Frenchman Sebastien Vigier.

    He qualifies for tomorrow's semi-finals.

    Can Harrie Lavreysen copy his teammate?

    He now takes on Jason Kenny in his second sprint, the Dutchman leads 1-0.

    Track Cycling 35 minutes ago

    Jan-Willem van Schip finishes fourth in the elimination race and will end up in second place in the general classification.

    Elia Viviani easily wins the final sprint from Matthew Walls, but the Briton is now alone in the lead in the omnium.

    Track Cycling 38 minutes ago

    Benjamin Thomas is out!

    The Frenchman was third with the same number of points as Van Schip.

    Things are going great for the Dutchman!

    Track Cycling 39 minutes ago

    The number four Niklas Larsen is out, now it's really about tense.

    Can Van Schip keep his competitors Walls and Thomas behind?

    Track Cycling 40 minutes ago

    Van Schip is in the last ten riders, the entire top five is still in this elimination race.

    It's very exciting!

    40 minutes ago

    Track Cycling 43 minutes ago

    After five rounds, Jan-Willem van Schip is still in good shape.

    Roger Kluge, among others, has had to leave the job.

    Fifteen rounds to go!

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    The viewer does not get a moment of rest on this Thursday morning, because Jan-Willem van Schip has now started the waste course.

    As the name suggests, there is always a rider who is eliminated in this section.

    A sprint is held on each lap and whoever crosses the line last has to leave the track.

    Can Jan-Willem van Schip retain his lead?

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    Braspennincx to the final! 

    Shanne Braspennincx also convincingly wins the semi-final and advances to the final.

    Favorite Emma Hinze gets knocked out.

    The final will be held around 10.45 am.

    Braspennincx can succeed Elis Ligtlee, who won gold on the keirin in 2016.

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    Shanne Braspennincx won her quarterfinal and now wants to advance to the grand final.

    She is up against two women from Canada, an Australian, a German and a Russian.

    The best three advance to the final, the other three have to settle for places seven to twelve.

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    Good news from Laurine van Riessen's camp.

    The track cyclist is conscious and is being taken to hospital.

    Van Riessen had a hard fall during the quarterfinals of the keirin.

    an hour ago

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    Harrie Lavreysen wins his first sprint, against the reigning Olympic champion Jason Kenny!

    He also needs one more win for a place in the semi-finals.

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    We go straight to the sprint tournament, in which Jeffrey Hoogland will face Frenchman Sebastien Vigier in the quarterfinals.

    Hoogland wins the first sprint with force majeure and needs one more win for a place in the semi-finals.

    In the quarterfinals, it is 

    best of three

    , which means that it is finished at 2-0.

    In the event of a 1-1 score, a decisive third sprint will be held.

    Track Cycling 1 hour ago

    Jan-Willem van Schip drives a fantastic, tactical tempo race and wins forty points for the general classification.

    The Dutchman is therefore in joint first place together with the Briton Matthew Walls and the Frenchman Benjamin Thomas.

    Open water swimming 1 hour ago

    A fantastic photo yesterday at the open water swimming, where a fish jumps into the picture with the later Olympic champion Ana Marcela Cunha.

    O-fish-ally our favorite photo of #Tokyo2020 so far.

    🐠 #Olympics📸: Jonne Roriz/COB


    AuthorOlympicsMoment of Places07: 26 - August 5, 2021

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Jan-Willem van Schip is ready for the second part of the omnium: the tempo race.

    The riders can earn one point in this part by winning sprints that are run every lap.

    In addition, you get twenty points if you put the other riders on a lap, you lose twenty points if someone rides you on a lap.

    2 hours ago

    Diving 2 hours ago

    Celine van Duijn saved her best jump for last and scores 67.20 points on her fifth attempt.

    The diving lady eventually finishes tenth in the final on the 10 meter plank.

    The gold goes to the Chinese Hongchan Quan.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Shanne Braspennincx wins her quarterfinal!

    The sprinter manages to remain calm after the heavy fall of her buddy Van Riessen and convincingly qualifies for the semi-finals.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Laurine van Riessen is being taken away on a stretcher and will go to the hospital.

    The Dutch seemed to fall hard on her head.

    Let's hope it goes well for Van Riessen.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Val Van Riessen! 


    It all goes wrong for Laurine van Riessen.

    She taps the rear wheel of the German Emma Hinze and crashes hard on the track in Izu.

    End of story for the Dutch.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Laurine van Riessen will be in action in the first heat in the first quarterfinals.

    The top four of six riders advance to the semi-finals.

    Shanne Braspennincx also comes into action in the second quarterfinal.

    Basketball 2 hours ago

    The United States basketball players reached the final of the Olympic Games for the fourth time in a row on Thursday.

    The stars of the American NBA turned a deficit against Australia after the second quarter in a convincing 97-78 victory.

    Diving 2 hours ago

    Celine van Duijn jumped significantly better in her third and fourth attempt.

    She twice scored above 60 points and is again tenth.

    Perhaps the Dutch can move up a few places on her last jump, but a medal is far out of reach.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Harrie Lavreysen also goes through to the quarterfinals with force majeure!

    The second Dutch sprinter also faced a Malaysian, but Muhammed Sahrom doesn't stand a chance against the world champion.

    The quarter-finals will be held later today around 9.45 am.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Now it's the sprinters' turn!

    Jeffrey Hoogland easily wins his eighth final against Malaysian Mohd Awang and goes to the quarterfinals.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    Jan-Willem van Schip finishes third in the scratch and takes 36 points for the general classification.

    Briton Matthew Walls wins and takes the full blow of forty points.

    Elia Viviani, the sprinter of Cofidis, finishes thirteenth and already has a big gap.

    Track Cycling 2 hours ago

    We are halfway through the scratch, Jan-Willem van Schip is in a leading group with four riders.

    That looks good for the Dutchman, ten rounds to go.

    Track Cycling 3 hours ago

    Jan-Willem van Schip has started the first part: the scratch.

    The scratch is the least complicated part of the omnium.

    The track cyclists complete forty laps and whoever reaches the finish line first wins the most points.

    Diving 3 hours ago

    Dipper Celine van Duijn gets a score of 49.30 points for her second jump and drops one place to eleventh place.

    Van Duijn still has three more jumps to climb up in the standings, the Chinese Hongchan Quan takes the sovereign lead.

    Track Cycling 3 hours ago

    Jan-Willem van Schip will start the omnium at these Olympic Games within a few minutes.

    In the omnium tournament, the track cyclists ride four different parts: the scratch race, the tempo race, the elimination race and the points race.

    The best rider across all four parts wins the gold.

    Van Schip has a good chance of a medal, he still took silver at the World Cup in Berlin in 2020.

    Diving 3 hours ago

    Celine van Duijn has started her final on the 10 meter plank.

    She scores 50.40 points with her first jump and is therefore provisionally tenth.

    Water polo 3 hours ago

    The Dutch water polo players win the game against China 6-13 and advance to the battle for fifth place.

    Orange straightens its back after the defeat in the quarterfinals against Hungary.

    Water polo 3 hours ago

    30 'China makes two in a row: 6-12.

    Just under two minutes left to play!

    Water polo 3 hours ago

    27 'The Netherlands will no longer get into trouble against China.

    Dagmar Genee makes her first of the match: 4-10.

    A large margin for the Dutch team.

    Water polo 3 hours ago

    End of third period!

     Joanne Koenders is not necessarily calm, but thanks to good goalkeeping work, the Netherlands is well ahead: 3-8.

    Koenders has a rescue rate of no less than 83 percent.

    Water polo 3 hours ago

    21 'After Kitty-Lynn Joustra's 2-8, Xiao Chen returns on behalf of China: 3-8.

    Water polo 4 hours ago

    17 'The first goal of the third period is in the name of Maartje Keuning, who makes her fourth goal of the match.

    Standings: 2-7.

    Water polo 4 hours ago

    End of second period!

     The Dutch water polosters have a comfortable lead over China after sixteen minutes: 2-6.

    With a win, the Netherlands can compete against the winner of Australia-Canada for fifth place.

    Water polo 4 hours ago

    12 'China does something in return: 1-4.

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